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Leadership - Strategic Planning - Focus Groups


We are ready to begin the next engagement phase of our strategic planning process to develop Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine strategic plan.

In May, 2017, we facilitated focus groups with staff, faculty, leaders and learners to obtain your ideas, feedback and suggestions for what we need to focus on over the next five years.

The focus groups zeroed in on six strategic questions.

  1. What are the Faculty of Medicine's greatest assets and opportunities for improvement?
  2. What is your vision for the future of the Faculty of Medicine?  A vision is intended to clarify the pathway forward; the destination we are striving to arrive at.  It answers whywe do the work we do. When effective, a great vision statement will light the way allowing the team to move fast and with great precision and passion.
  3. Going forward, what outcomes (research, education and community engagement, including global health) will we need to achieve for the stakeholders we serve, in order to achieve our vision?
  4. To produce these outcomes, what strategic processes and practices do we need to excelat in the areas of research, education and community engagement?
  5. Given that we need to excel at these processes and practices, what type of culture, people (skills, capacity, etc.), technology, tools and infrastructure will be required?
  6. In order to sustain this capacity, what key investments will we need to make and how will we best allocate our resources to the highest priorities?

Focus Group Details Format

Our consultant, Jane Fitzgerald from Climb Consulting Inc. led the discussions by asking participants these questions and recording / summarizing your responses on flipcharts. Jane ensured the discussion is focused at a strategic level and captures the ideas and input of all participants. 

After each focus group, Jane and Anne Becker, also from Climb Consulting, summarized the findings and then compiled all findings from the focus groups into one larger report that will feed into the strategic plan. 

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