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Faculty/Staff - Administrative Services - Contract Administration

Administrative Services is the main initial point of contact for all contracts originating in the Faculty of Medicine. Contracts may be divided into two main categories:
(1) Consulting; and
(2) Contractual arrangements between the FoM and other agencies; either internal or external to Memorial University. This latter category would include MOUs, MOAs etc. 

Consulting contracts are administered conjointly with central Human Resources to ensure that work being contracted for is actually not employment income and also through Enterprise Risk Management to ensure that, once it has been determine that a contract is appropriate, that it’s format complies with the Enterprise Risk Management contract template.

The other contractual arrangements (MOUs, MOAs etc.) may originate within Administrative Services of the Faculty of Medicine or Admin Services may be the recipient of a contract prepared outside the institution. In these cases, FoM Admin Services plays a consultative role with the Office of Senior Legal Counsel in ensuring that the Faculty of Medicine best interests are protected at all times.
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