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Workplace Mistreatment

Memorial University and the Faculty of Medicine are dedicated to providing a workplace that is free from harrassment and discrimination. All employees must respect the rights of other employees at the University.

The Respectful Workplace Policy addresses harrassment in the workplace (other than sexual harrassment, see below) at Memorial University. 
Employees must comply with the provisions of this policy including the confidentiality obligations and the expectation to participate in any procedures taken under this policy and its procedures. The policy includes the Procedure for Early Resolution of Respectful Workplace Concerns that outlines the initial steps to be taken if an employee has a concern regarding workplace harrassment. 

The Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education policy and Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education Procedure applies to learners (medical students, residents) in the Faculty of Medicine. Refer to the Student Professionalism and Mistreatment section for more information. 

Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment is a violation of human rights and is not tolerated at Memorial University. Sexual harassment refers to comments or conduct of a sexual nature and/or abusive conduct based on gender, gender identity, sex (including pregnancy and breast feeding) or sexual orientation directed at an individual or group of individuals by a person or persons of the same or opposite sex, who knows or ought reasonably to know that such comments or conduct is unwelcome and/or unwanted.

The Sexual Harassment Policy applies to all of Memorial University including the Faculty of Medicine. Sexual assault is considered sexual harrassment and is covered under this policy. The University-wide Procedures for Sexual Harrassment Concerns and Complaints are designed to deal with both concerns and formal complaints of sexual harassment.

The Sexual Harrassment Office of Memorial University provides support to all students, staff and faculty members. The brochures developed by the Sexual Harrassment Office promote awareness around sexual harrassment (including explicit examples of harrassment and inappropriate behaviours) and should be reviewed by all faculty members. 

Any faculty members, students or staff who feel they have been subjected to sexual harrassment should contact the Sexual Harrassment Advisor at 709 864 2015 or email shoffice@mun.ca. Seeking advice and information can be done anonymously. If you chose to remain anonymous, it is requested that the anonymity of the other individual be maintained as well. All consultations will be handled with confidentiality.
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