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Wellness and Workplace Health

Memorial University promotes active living and a positive work/life balance for employees and retirees by offering a variety of programs, events and online resources focused on wellness to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Scent-free Program

Scents, also known as aromas or fragrances, are often added to personal care products, household items, and workplace cleaners. The Faculty of Medicine recognizes that serious health concerns can arise from exposure to scented products. Even in the smallest amount, a scented product can trigger a negative health response in those individuals with scent sensitivities, resulting in unpleasant physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, asthma attacks, loss of concentration, skin irritation, and loss of coordination. To provide all students, faculty, and staff with a safe, healthy, and productive work environment, all Faculty of Medicine facilities are scent-free, at all times

The Faculty of Medicine’s new Scent-Free Program is a co-operative effort by Facilities Management and Occupational Health and Safety. For more information on the Scent-Free Program, please contact Facilities Coordinator Paulette Jones at 864-6424 or 689-3998 or Policy Analyst Jacinta Reddigan at 777-2216. 

Wellness Programs at Memorial University

Employees can contact the wellness co-ordinator Kathleen Wall for more information about 
upcoming events and any of the wellness programs below. 

Preferred Rate Program
The Preferred Rate Program (PRP) offers a subsidy to join The Works in St. John's or alternate facilities for the Grenfell campus. The Works includes the Aquarena, the Field House and other recreational facilities on St. John's camppus. The Works
 offers a variety of fitness, aquatic and leisure facilities and programs for example an indoor track, squash courts, fitness centre and fitness classes.  
Key points of the PRP:
  • 50/50 cost sharing between the employee and the university, to a maximum of $10 biweekly (or $21.67 monthly for retirees), depending on the program selected. This is done through payroll deduction for all participants in St. John’s and Corner Brook. 
  • To be eligible, employees must be currently enrolled in the benefit and pension program. 
  • Check with the customer service desk at the Aquarena or the Field House to get enroled in the program.
For more information about PRP, view the Human Resources website. For available memberships and pricing, refer to the Works website (prices shown are full prices and do not reflect the university contribution). 

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a comprehensive, confidential service available to Memorial employees, retirees and their immediate family members at no cost, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This service is provided by Shepell.fgi. Services include legal assistance, financial assistance, career counselling, workplace challenges, nutrition and more. 

For immediate, confidential support, please call 1-800-387-4765 (TTY Service: 1-877-388-0275). Online services are available at Shepell.fgi 

Wellness Events and Activities
For events and activities around wellness, refer to the Human Resources website

Employee Assistance Program for clinical faculty members

Clinical faculty members who are members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA) have access to the inConfidence Employee and Family Assistance Program. inConfidence is a resource program available to NLMA members and their families 24/7 to manage personal issues at work and at home. Services include health, education, grief and loss, emotional well-being and more.

For immediate, confidential support, please call 1-877-418-2181. For a complete list of services offered through the inConfidence program and more information, please visit the inConfidence Program website of NLMA. 

Workplace Health

Ergonomics Program
The Ergonomics Program includes ergonomic assessments 
and a comprehensive musculoskeletal injury prevention program for all employees.
For more information or to schedule your individual ergonomic assessment, refer to the Ergonomics Program website

Occupational Health Nurse

The Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) provides assistance to all faculty, staff and students on all campuses.  The OHN has specialized knowledge and competencies for a diverse scope of practice that includes medical health surveillance, health assessments, health and safety risk mitigation, health promotion and education and abilities case management. 
Visit the OHN website for additional information and to contact Memorial's OHN. 

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