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Leave requests

Faculty members are eligible for a variety of leaves in accordance with their particular appointment with the Faculty of Medicine. For academic staff members (MUNFA), leaves are granted in accordance with the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement (article 22).  

Absence from campus

Academic Staff Members (MUNFA)
MUNFA faculty members should complete the absence from campus notification form when away from campus (e.g. vacation, conference travel). The form needs to be submitted to the Administrative Head (Associate Dean of division or Vice-Dean as appropriate) who forwards the form to the Dean's Office.

Clinical Faculty Members (non-bargaining)
Clinical faculty members should consult with their respective Discipline Chair and Clinical Chief regarding leaves from campus.

Sabbatical Leave

Academic Staff Members (MUNFA) 
Sabbatical leaves are provided to enable ASMs [Academic Staff Members] to engage in research, scholarship, creative or professional activities to foster their academic or professional effectiveness (clause 22.14 of collective agreement). Faculty members must have tenure to be eligible for sabbatical leave. 
Application for sabbatical leave has to be submitted in writing to the Administrative Head (Associate Dean of division or Vice-Dean as appropriate). View the sabbatical leave application form (MUNFA) for details on required documentation.
For more information about application procedures and requirements regarding sabbatical leave, refer to the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement (article 22).

Clinical Faculty Members (non-bargaining)
Faculty members must have tenure to be eligible for sabbatical leave. Faculty members should contact their respective Discipline Chair or the Dean's Office to discuss options. 

Leaves of absence

Academic Staff Members (MUNFA)
The following types of leave (additional to vacation entitlement and sabbatical leave) are available to Academic Staff Members: 

  • Assisted Educational Leave: ASMs are entitled to educational leave to improve qualifications or pursue a higher degree. 
  • Leave in Special CircumstancesFollowing consultation with the Administrative Head an ASM shall be granted special leave with pay not exceeding three (3) days a year to attend to the temporary of a sick family member; medical, dental or legal appointments; and for home or family emergencies (article 22.42 of collective agreement). 
  • Sick LeaveSick leave means the period of time an ASM is absent from work with full pay by virtue of being sick or disabled, or quarantined by virtue of being exposed to a contagious disease (clause 22.43-22.48 of collective agreement). 
  • Maternity and Parental Leave: Maternity and Parental Leave is supplemented under some conditions. To be eligible for Supplemented Maternity or Supplemented Parental Leave, an ASM must hold a tenuretrack or tenured appointment or, be in the second or subsequent year of a term appointment, or in the second or subsequent year of consecutive term appointments. An ASM who is not eligible should consult clause 22.66 (clause 22.50 of collective agreement).
  • Other forms of leave: compassionate leave, leave for court appearance, political leave, special leave without pay
For complete information about any of the leave types above and how to apply for leave, refer to the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement (article 22).

Clinical Faculty Members (non-bargaining)
In addition to vacation entitlement, different types of leave (e.g. sick leave, maternity leave) are also available to clinical faculty. Faculty members should contact their respective Discipline Chair or the Dean's Office for more information regarding available leaves. 

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