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Fire Evacuation Procedure

Fire Evacuation Procedure

If a fire alarm has been triggered in the Medical Education Centre or the Health Sciences Centre you will be alerted by a fire alarm signal.

Stage I: fire alarm signal at 20 tones per minute will sound. You should stop work, remain calm, check your immediate work area for any signs of fire and beprepared to evacuate. In the Health Sciences Centre a Code Red will be announced through the public address system, however there are no public address announcements in the Medical Education Centre.
Stage II: fire alarm signal at 120 tones per minute will sound. Evacuate the building immediately using the nearest safe exit* and proceed to the appropriate assembly point or muster station. 

*The exit signs in the Medical Education Centre are green compared to the red exit signs in the Health Sciences Centre.

Assembly Points:
  Location of Assembly Point Faculty of Medicine Area
Assembly Point 1 Metered parking area at east side of Janeway Hospital (parking lot facing towards the Utilities Annex and Parking Garage) Biomedical Sciences (Immunology) 
Medical Education Laboratory Support Services (MELSS)
Biomedical Sciences Research Laboratories Level 4 and 5
Assembly Point 2 Parking Lot 9 Medical Education Centre
Craig L. Dobbin Genetics Research Centre
Clinical Learning and Simulation Centre
HS Library
Research Office of Dr. E. Dicks
Electron Microscopy / Behavioral Neurosciences
e-Health Research Unit area
Centre of Collaborative Health & Professional Education
Main Lobby & Corridor to Janeway, Seminar Rooms,
Lecture Theatre D

Community Medicine / Student Lounge and Locker Area
Main Auditorium / Auditorium Penthouse
Professional Development and Conferencing Services
Terry Fox Labs and Glass Wash
Technical Services, Faculty of Medicine
Assembly Point 3 Parking Lot 9A (outside Agnes Cowan Hostel) Primary Healthcare Research Unit

  • Stay at the assembly point until you are accounted for and permission is given to leave by your supervisor or supervisor's delegate.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized by fire department personnel.
  • All students, staff and faculty members must comply with all instructions and orders given by fire wardens, CEP personnel and the fire department.
  • During any evacuation, use stairwells and corridors only. Do not use elevators when evacuating the building.
Refer to the Fire Evacuation Procedure for the Faculty of Medicine for more detailed information.

If you discover a fire or you see smoke
  • Pull down on the nearest fire alarm pull station to warn other people in the area. This will trigger a Stage I fire alarm.
  • Warn nearby persons.
  • Call 4100 if in the Medical Education Centre or 9-864-4100 if in the Health Sciences Centre and relay details of fire.
  • Go back to the activated fire alarm pull station, break the glass of the key cabinet next to the station and remove key. Insert key into pull station and turn clockwise to activate Stage II fire alarm (evacuation alarm).
  • Evacuate the building immediately using the nearest safe exit and proceed to the appropriate assembly point/muster station.
  • Fight the fire using extinguishers only if the fire is small, if the fire is not between you and an exit and you are trained to do so.
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Disclaimer: This handbook is in review.  Many sections are under development and final implementation is subject to the approval of the Office of Faculty Relations.