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Edward Kendall


Professor of Radiology

Janeway Radiology
Faculty of Medicine
Office: HSC Room: 1820 

t: voice: 709 777-6614
f: fax: 709 777-8992


I joined MUN in 2007. Before that I spent nine years as Research Director for the Medical Imaging Department at the University of Saskatchewan. My research interests are wide: beans to brains, but most recently I’ve been working on the detection and characterization of neuropathology associated with seizures, examining seasonal variations in plant homeostasis and wrestling with semi-automatic analysis of medical images. I also have had an interest in the business of science first as President of Bonaventure Analytical Services, a contract research organization, and later as the founding Managing Director of MRV Systems Inc., a University-based MRI technology development company.

I am very interested in assembling a molecular imaging facility devoted to non-invasive measurements of various pathologies and materials. The technology requirements will be met, in part, when Eastern Health's cyclotron is functional (possibly 2015). In anticipation, I am actively seeking funding for a pre-clinica PET/CT.  

In addition to radiotracer work, I am equally interested inexploiting the potential of magnetic resonance technology biometric measurement... and I have considerable experience in that area. At the moment, Memorial's biomolecular imaging capacity is limited to a narrow bore vertical magnet primarily used for chemistry. I'd like a 25 cm 6 Tesla system. However, in the interim, a widebore or super-widebore system would be an incremental improvement.  So, any magnet angels out there, please call!
Research Interests:

Cancer detection:

1. Automated Classification of mammograms.
2. Molecular Imaging for screening populations with an elevated risk of occurrence    

Seizure related disorders:

1. Evolution and mechanisms of injury from convulsive seizures. 
2. Epileptogenic environmental toxins.
3. Radiation induced neuropathology.
Magnetic resonance

1. MR imaging as a non-invasive approach to studying pathophysiology
a. ischemic injury in laboratory animals.
b. environmental stress in plants.
2. MR spectroscopy
a. in vivo metabolic studies
b. radiotherapy assessment

Some Recent Publications

Obenaus, A., Huang, L., Smith, A., Favre, C., Nelson, G., Kendall, E. 2007. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Rat Hippocampus 1 Month after 56Fe Radiation. Radiation Res. 169: 149-61  PDF

Sarty, GE., Kendall, EJ., Adams, GP., Pierson, RA. 2006. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of bovine ovarian follicular fluid at four selected times of the oestrous cycle. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 18(5) 559–571. PDF

Cui, J., Loewy, J., Kendall, E. 2006. Automated search for patterns of arthritis in infrared spectra of synovial fluids using adaptive wavelets and fuzzy c-means analysis. IEEE-BiomedTrans 53(5):1-10. PDF

Bhagat, Y., Obenaus, A., Kendall, E. 2005. Neuroprotection Against Pathology From Soman-Induced Seizures in the Rodent: Evaluation with Diffusion and T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Neurotox. 26(6): 1001-13.  PDF

Loewy, J., Loewy-Duval, A., Kendall, E. 2004. MR of pacemaker patients revisited. Radiographics 24:1257-1268. PDF

Eidt, S., Kendall, E., Obenaus, A. 2004. Neuronal and glial cell populated tissue distinguished using an approximation of q-space imaging AJNR 25(7):1225-33. 

E. Sch├╝ltke, E. Kendall, H. Kamencic, Z. Ghong, R. W. Griebel, B.H.J. Juurlink. 2004. Quercitin promotes functional recovery following acute spinal cord injury. J. Neurotrauma 20: 583-591  PDF

G.E. Sarty, E.J. Kendall, J. Loewy, A. Dhir, O. Olatunbosun, R.A. Pierson, 2004 "Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Imaging of Ovarian Masses: A First Experience With 12 Cases", MAGMA. 16, 182-193. PDF