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Joseph A. Curtis

M.B., Ch.B. Sheffield, B.A.O. Cork, M.R.C.P. UK, FRACP Australia, FRCPC

Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Pediatric Endocrinologist

Janeway Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre
300 Prince Philip Drive
St. John’s NL A1B 3V6

t: 777-4626

Clinical Interests:
  • Growth abnormalities in early childhood
  • Delayed puberty
  • Advancements in management of Type 1 Diabetes
  • Assessment of atherosclerosis in Diabetes

Education Interests:
  • Introducing and demonstrating aspects of pediatric endocrine dysfunction to medical students and residents.

Research Interests:
  • Vascular function in children with Type 1 Diabetes before and after intensive therapy with the insulin pump (project in progress).
  • Bone mineralization in Newfoundland children and adolescents from 8-18 years of age (study completed).
  • Successful treatment of Donohue syndrome with IGF-1 over a period of 11 years (writing in progress)
  • Presentation and genetic findings in adrenocortical insufficiency in Newfoundland and Labrador children (writing in progress).


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