News at Medicine - September 2014 - Financial counsellor provides important service for medical students

Financial counsellor provides important service for medical students
September 26, 2014
Philip Kearley spent the last six years with a major bank as a personal financial advisor. Now he’s using his talents and experience to help medical students with their finances, particularly in the area of debt management.
As the first financial counsellor for the Faculty of Medicine’s Student Affairs Office, Mr. Kearley has big plans. “I want to meet with all students, starting with the first-year class, to start developing individual financial plans.”

Attending a financial management seminar is mandatory for all new medical students, and Mr. Kearley would like to follow up with a face-to-face meeting with all students. “I can help each student understand their current financial situation and identify areas of concern as well as help alter poor spending habits.”

Mr. Kearley’s role encompasses debt management and financial education awareness. “I can identify areas of concern and create awareness about the cost of medical school,” he explained. “I’d like to help each student forecast potential debt load after medical school and residency.”
Other important aspects of a financial plan include such things as registered retirement savings, mortgages and insurance. In his new role, Mr. Kearley can assist medical students by being a liaison between the student and their financial institution.
To contact Mr. Kearley you can phone him at 864-6395 or by email at His office is located in the Medical Education Centre room M2M121.