News at Medicine - October 2014 - Visiting scholar values interprofessional education expertise at Memorial

Visiting scholar values interprofessional education expertise at Memorial
October 31, 2014
It may be a long way from East Carolina University to Memorial University, but in a world connected through the internet, actual distances are insignificant.
Dr. Vernon Curran and Dr. Pamela Reis
So when Dr. Pamela Reis, an assistant professor at East Carolina University College of Nursing, did a Google search on expertise in interprofessional education, she soon found what she wanted in the work of Dr. Vernon Curran,  professor of medical education and director  of academic research and development with the Faculty of Medicine, 

“Vernon’s name came up and I knew he was the right consultant for me,” said Dr. Reis. Like Newfoundland, our community is rural. My students work together in a web-based format through a virtual clinic where they see patients together.”

Dr. Reis teaches nurse-midwives and third year medical students. “Our nursing program is primarily distance education, some of the students live quite far from campus.”

Funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Reis is the director for the project Enhancing the Care of Women throughout the Lifespan using Technology in Interprofessional Education.

The new on-line platform that Dr. Reis is exploring at East Carolina University College of Nursing will offer students a new way of approaching on-line learning that involves a simulated electronic health records. She said the collaboration with Dr. Curran will include using his evaluation tool, the Interprofessional Collaborator Assessment Rubric.

“I’m very impressed with the tele-health outreach at Memorial University,” she said. “Clearly Memorial University is a leader in this area.”

Dr. Reis visited the Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education during the week of Oct. 27, during which time she made a presentation on Promoting Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice through Web-Based Technology.