News at Medicine - October 2013 - Reception honours two new Fellows of the CAHS

Reception honours two new Fellows of the CAHS
October 11, 2013
A reception to honour Drs. Jane Green and Dr. Proton Rahman, who were recently inducted as Fellows in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), was held Oct. 10 at the medical school. Election to fellowship in the CAHS is considered one of the highest honours for individuals in the Canadian health sciences community.
Dean of Medicine Dr. James Rourke emceed the event. “This is a great honour for both Dr. Green and Dr. Rahman, and a great honour for the Faculty of Medicine. Both have done leading work in genetic research, which has helped power the development of new facilities in the Craig L. Dobbin Genetics Research Centre, scheduled to open next year.”

Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research), congratulated Drs. Green and Rahman on their achievement in becoming part of a very select group of faculty at Memorial University who are members of this prestigious academy. “Becoming a fellow of the Academy of Health Sciences is a mark of a sustained and distinguished contribution to your field, and carries with it a commitment to serve the academy, and through it the future wellbeing of the health sciences.”
“There is no doubt that both Dr. Green and Dr. Rahman have made important and significant contributions to the research enterprise at Memorial University,” said Dr. Marceau. “Dr. Green has been at the forefront of genetic research of hereditary cancers and hereditary eye diseases for 35 years and her studies led to the discovery of novel genes in Newfoundland and Labrador families and a new understanding of pathways to development of cancer and blindness. Dr. Rahman is an international leader on the genetic basis of inflammatory arthritis. He has also pioneered the development of the Newfoundland Genealogical Database by creatively using information collected for census data. This database provides clinicians and researchers with rapid access to a detailed patient pedigree and genealogy linkage with health outcome and pedigree visualization.”
Dr. Marceau said the Faculty of Medicine, and the entire Memorial community, is richer for the work of these two outstanding researchers
Dr. David Wardlaw, vice-president (academic), brought greeting on behalf of university president Dr. Gary Kachanoski, who was unable to attend the reception. “The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is one of three academies that comprise the Council of Canadian Academies,” he explained. “The other two academies are the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences has two functions – to conduct assessments on urgent health matters that affect Canadians, and to recognize individuals of outstanding achievement in the health sciences through elections to fellowship. Fellows are elected based on their demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and a commitment to advance academic health science. There is no doubt that both Dr. Green and Dr. Rahman fulfill these requirements. We are proud of their accomplishments and proud of their new status as Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.”

Dr. Green said she is most proud of the fact she’s been able to help people with genetic illness in the province. “With the help of family members and physicians from around the province, we have been able to gather information that has led to identification of genes and better treatment for the people affected.”

Dr. Rahman commented that his research could only take place with the help of students and colleagues. “We work as a team.” 

Dr. Rahman also noted that the reception was really to give tribute to Jane Green, whose research career has spanned four decades. “Even today, her passion continues.”

Drs. Green and Rahman join the ranks of   other members of the Memorial University community who have been inducted as Fellows of the CAHS. These include Dr. Kevin Keough, former vice-president (research and international relations); Dr. David Hawkins (deceased), third dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Dr. Ian Bowmer, professor emeritus and fourth dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Dr. Sean Brosnan, University Research Professor; Dr. Patrick Parfrey, University Research Professor;  Dr. James Rourke, dean of medicine; Dr. Dale Corbett, former Canada Research Chair for Stroke and Neuroplasticity in the Faculty of Medicine; and Dr. Christopher Loomis, former vice-president (research).
Among those attending the reception to honour the two newest Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences were (from left): Drs. Richard Marceau, Sean Brosnan, Christopher Loomis, Proton Rahman, Jane Green, James Rourke and David Wardlaw.