News at Medicine - October 2008 - Habitat for Humanity Build part of course

Habitat for Humanity Build part of course
October 9, 2008
Students in Dr. Diana Gustafson’s Introduction to Community Health course will get some hands-on experience by participating in the Habitat for Humanity Build as part of their course work.

“We want to encourage students to think about how income and social status gets in the way of health,” said Dr. Gustafson. “By participating in this build, I hope it will help them think about public participation, advocacy, supportive environments and civic responsibility.”

Almost all of the 14 students in the course have volunteered for the build. It involves an eight-hour commitment and they will be on-site on Oct. 21.

“I’ve asked them to write a reflective journal as part of a graded activity and it will be worth 25 per cent of their grade,” said Dr. Gustafson. “Through this activity they will connect this build experience with the course concepts relating to building healthy communities.”