News at Medicine - November 2014 - Scholarship and Awards Luncheon 2014

Scholarship and Awards Luncheon 2014
November 26, 2014
On Nov. 25 the annual Scholarship and Awards Luncheon for first and second-year medical students was held in the Junior Common Room at Gushue Hall. A total of 27 awards were presented, including two outstanding teacher awards.
Dean James Rourke welcomed donors and recipients and encouraged everyone to socialize and get to know each other through this annual event.

Each academic year, first and second-year medical students select the person they consider to be the most outstanding teacher in that year. The Class of 2017 selected Dr. Natalie Bridger, assistant professor of pediatrics, for the Outstanding Teacher Award. The Class of 2016 selected Dr. Amrah Pirzada, assistant professor of laboratory medicine, for the Outstanding Teacher Award. 
Chelsea Ash presented Dr. Natalie Bridger with the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Class of 2017.
David Jerome presented Dr. Amrah Pirzada with the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Class of 2016.
In addition to the awards presented at the luncheon, the following awards were recognized for students unable to attend the event. Samantha Dodge received Dr. Kevin Keough Medical Entrance Scholarship, established through a generous donation by Dr. Ming Lau, Class of 1982, and named after Dr. Kevin Keough who was Dr. Lau’s supervisor for his master’s thesis in biochemistry (1978).
Cecily Stockley received the Gordon Mercer Rural Medicine Bursary. Named for the founding officer for Student Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine (1972), this bursary is awarded to a student entering first year of studies in the Faculty of Medicine who is from a rural community in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Sinead Mercier received the Dr. Brian Gerard Adams Memorial Bursary, established by the friends and family of Dr. Brian Gerard Adams in his memory. 
Muna Lougheed received a Dr. John M. Darte Memorial Award. These awards were established by Mrs. J.M. Darte and Mrs. Frances Darte McCabe in memory of Dr. John M. Darte, the first professor and chair of pediatrics at Memorial. The selection is based on academic excellence upon completion of first and second year medical studies.
Susan Wakeham received the Frank and Pat Fagan Family Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership. This prestigious scholarship is awarded annually to an academically outstanding student from Newfoundland and Labrador who has completed the preclerkship component of the MD program and who has demonstrated a significant record of community leadership, prior to entry of during the medical program. The recipient will be known as the Fagan Family Scholar.
Alanna Flynn received the Dr. Peter Grant Memorial Scholarship, established through generous gifts from classmates, friends and family of Dr. Peter Grant (Class of 1994) to honour his enduring spirit. 
Adam Legge received the Dr. J.H. King Memorial Scholarship in Medicine. This fund was established by the family of Dr. J.H. King, a specialist in eyes, ears, nose and throat, who practiced in Corner Brook for more than 30 years (1947-1978). 
Loni Slade received a John M. & Elsa S. Morgan Scholarships.  These scholarships were bequested to the university by the late Dr. John M. Morgan and his wife Elsa S. Morgan. They are made on the basis of scholarship standing and preference is given, where possible, to students from the Port de Grave District.
Thomas Howard received the Nathan Goff Penney and Grace Rosamund Penney Scholarship in Medicine. This scholarship was established by a gift from the estate of Nathan Penney as a measure of his gratitude to the Faculty of Medicine for the care given to his wife, Grace.
Ashley Power received the Dr. Calvin N. Powell Bursary in Medicine. This bursary, valued at $1,000, was established by Dr. Calvin Powell (Class of 1982). 
Raymond Li received the Morris the Morris & Graham Wilansky Memorial Award. This award was established by the family and friends of Morris and Graham Wilansky, in their memory. 
Adam Comerford received the Dr. Sharon Coffey Memorial Bursary, presented by Jean Kennedy. This bursary has been established in memory of Dr. Sharon Coffey (Class of 1982). 

Meghan Mahoney received the Dr. Abdalla M. Hanna Memorial Bursary in Medicine, presented by Sylvia Hanna. Named in memory of Dr. Abdalla M. Manna, a well-known surgeon in St. John’s, this bursary is awarded to a qualifying student entering first year studies in the Faculty of Medicine who is a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Joshua Bragg, centre, received the Dr. Peter and Mrs. Deborah Collingwood Scholarship in Medicine, presented by Peter Collingwood and Deborah (Templeton) Collingwood. 

Joseph Alcorn-Otto, left, and Mark Shea, right, received Evelyn Roach Memorial Scholarships, presented by Dean James Rourke. This scholarship was established by the estate of Evelyn Roach in her memory. Valued at $3,000 each, these scholarships will be awarded annually to two students from Newfoundland and Labrador in their first year of the MD program who meet the minimum academic requirements for a scholarship.

Burton Ward, left, received the Darshan (Beeji) Wadhwa Memorial Scholarship in Medicine, presented by Dr. Jasbir Wadhwa. This scholarship was established by generous donations from family to cherish and honour the memory of Darshan (Beeji) Wadhwa, who had an unwavering commitment to support academic excellence. Born in India in 1914, Beeji could only attain primary schooling but that was enough for her to appreciate the value of education. She became the driving force for professional education of all her children and grandchildren.
Sara Dalley, right, received the Gina D. Blundon Memorial Award, presented by Mrs. Alice Blundon. This award was established in memory of Gina Doreen Blundon of Carbonear, NL, who passed away suddenly on May 18, 2001. Gina was a member of the MUN Faculty of Medicine Class of 2004 and her classmates, family and friends wish to honour her spirit through the establishment of this award. The recipient must have a positive, caring attitude and have contributed to the quality of student life.
Alex Botsford, left, and Joanne McGee (unable to attend) received Craig L. Dobbin Bursaries in Medicine, presented by Dr. Don McKay. These bursaries were established by a generous gift through Dare To…: The Campaign for Memorial University, in memory of Dr. Craig L. Dobbin.
Alison Greene, left, received the Isidor Epstein Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This scholarship is awarded out of income derived from a bequest to Memorial University by the late Mrs. Bella Leukovitz and awarded to an outstanding student upon completion of second-year medical studies.
Rebecca McBriarty, left, received the Dr. Richard Fagan Medical Students’ Society (MSS) Travel Award in Medicine, presented by Alison Howley. This award was established by Memorial University’s MSS in honour of Dr. Richard Fagan. Dr. Fagan was known amongst his peers for his sense of adventure. Whether exploring nature close to home or traveling to ski the Rockies or Andes, his enthusiasm for new experiences was clear and enriched the lives of his peers. This award will help offset the costs required to attend a medical conference.
The 2014 Gerry Lynch Memorial Scholarship went to Dr. Sandra Cooke-Hubley, who was unable to attend the presentation. Honorable mention went to David Jerome, left, and was presented by Dr. Jonathan Greenland. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student for the completion of a research paper on a medical history or medical humanities topic. Gerry Lynch (1936-1994) served as executive director of the NLMA for 27 years. This scholarship’s focus reflects the contribution Mr. Lynch made to health care policy, both provincially and nationally.
Matthew Bown, left, received the Medical Practice Associates Scholarships for Academic Achievement, presented by Dr. Scott Moffatt. This prestigious scholarship is made available by Medical Practice Associates, the business association of all full-time clinical faculty members in the Faulty of Medicine. Valued at $1,500, it is awarded to the student who has earned the highest grades upon completion of second-year medical studies.
Alison Howley, left and David Jerome, right, received NLMA President’s Awards. Presented by Dr. Jonathan Greenland. Selection for these awards is based on potential interest in the organizational aspects of the profession of medicine as demonstrated by participation in leadership roles within the medical school.
Matthew Bown, left, received the Pathology Prize, presented by Dr. Simon Avis. This prize was established in 1984 by the members of the Discipline of Laboratory Medicine in recognition of the distinguished contributions to pathology and to medical education at Memorial University by Dr. S.N. Huang, a previous chair of the discipline. This prize is awarded to the student whose performance in the general and systems pathology course is considered by members of the discipline to be most distinguished
Dr. Mary E. Pederson Scholarships were presented by Dr. Don McKay, centre, to (from left) Michelle Pratt, Julie Warren, Don McKay, Noelle Marsh and Sarah Molloy. Sandeep Muram also received this scholarship but was unable to attend the presentation. These scholarships are made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Mary E. Pederson (Class of 1980). Five scholarships are awarded annually based on scholarship standing.
Alex Botsford, left, was the winner of the Medical Student Research Forum for 2014. The presentation was made by Dr. Don McKay.

Rebecca McBriarty received the Dr. J. B. Roberts Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Scott Moffatt. Friends and colleagues of the late Dr. J. B. Roberts established this scholarship in his memory. The selection is based on excellence in clinical skills as determined by performance in the clinical skills course (OSCE).
Students on the Dean’s List for second-year medical studies include (from left): Noelle Marsh and Sarah Molloy with Dean James Rourke; Matthew Bown, Rebecca McBriarty and Michelle Pratt. Also on the Dean’s List but unable to attend the presentation are Raymond Li, Sandeep Muram, Ashley Power, Loni Slade and Susan Wakeham.