News at Medicine - November 2011 - Upper lips getting hairy in the Faculty of Medicine

Upper lips getting hairy in the Faculty of Medicine
December 1, 2011
It’s Dec. 1 and Movember has officially ended, but the Faculty of Medicine is still buzzing over the enthusiasm displayed by students, faculty and staff who dedicated their upper lips to prostate cancer awareness.
The Stash Guns of Monte Carlo raised $8,693! Their fundraising efforts have helped raise funds and awareness that are helping with the fight against prostate cancer.

The Stash Guns of Monté Carlo at the end of Movember.

It’s a week into November, and the upper lips of the men of Memorial’s medical school Movember team are starting to look a little fuzzy.

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health. The Faculty of Medicine has a student team, the 'Stash Guns of Monte Carlo.' The dean of medicine, Dr. James Rourke, has joined the team. 

“For the next month, I will be donating my upper lip to the cause,” said Dr. Rourke. “Our upper lips will spark conversations, and no doubt generate some chuckles and in turn raise vital awareness and funds for prostate cancer.”
The team’s name comes from the medical students’ participation in the annual fundraiser, the Monte Carlo Charity Gala, being held the evening of Saturday, Nov. 19, at the St. John’s Convention Centre. Team captain Andrew Dalton explained that the men in the first-year med class will be performing a dance this year at Monte Carlo. 
“So some people have termed us the 'Guns of Monte Carlo' as a joke – we thought it would be funny if we named our team the “’Stash Guns of Monte Carlo.” Since Monte Carlo is representative of the Faculty of Medicine we have recruited people outside of our class and I'm very happy that the dean of medicine has become involved as well.”
For more information about the medical school’s Movember team, or to join the cause, visit the team captain’s webpage    

Dean James Rourke with fellow members of the Stash Guns of Monte Carlo.