News at Medicine - November 2011 - Scholarship and Awards Luncheon

Scholarship and Awards Luncheon
November 28, 2011
On Nov. 22 the annual Scholarship and Awards Luncheon for first and second-year medical students was held in the Faculty of Business Administration Atrium. A total of 60 awards were presented, including two outstanding teacher awards.  
Dean James Rourke brought greetings to donors and recipients and briefly described the upcoming expansion of the medical education program and research growth.

Each academic year, first and second-year medical students select the person they consider to be the most outstanding teacher in that year. The Class of 2014 selected Dr. Shakti Chandra for the Outstanding Teacher Award. The Class of 2013 selected Dr. Alan Goodridge.

The following awards were presented at the luncheon.

Medical Entrance Awards

Cait Button, centre, received the Dr. Peter and Mrs. Deborah Collingwood Scholarship in Medicine, presented by Peter Collingwood, left and Deborah (Templeton) Collingwood. This scholarship has been established through a generous gift from Peter and Deborah Collingwood. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are citizens of Canada and residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, who are entering their first year of the MD Program in the Faculty of Medicine and meet the criteria of scholarship standing as defined by the Faculty of Medicine. The scholarship is renewable for one year provided the candidate maintains scholarship standing.

Heather Hoddinott, centre, received the Dr. Abdalla M. Hanna Memorial Bursary in Medicine, presented by Sarah and Sylvia Hanna. This bursary, named in memory of Dr. Abdalla M. Hanna, a well-known surgeon in St. John’s, is awarded to a student entering first-year studies in the Faculty of Medicine who is a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jamila Belhadjsahah, right, received the Dr. Kevin Keough Medical Entrance Scholarship, presented by Dr. Paul Dancey. This scholarship has been established through a generous donation by Dr. Ming Lau, Class of 1982, and is named after Dr. Kevin Keough who was Dr. Lau’s supervisor for his master’s thesis in biochemistry (1978). Erica Kelly, left, received the Gordon Mercer Rural Medicine Bursary, presented by Margaret Miller on behalf of Elizabeth Mercer. Named for the founding officer for Student Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine (1972), this bursary is awarded to a student entering first year of studies in the Faculty of Medicine who is from a rural community in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Preclerkship Awards

Megan Dawe, centre, received the Gina Blundon Memorial Scholarship, presented by George Butt and Alice Blundon. This scholarship is awarded by the Avalon Health Care Institutions Board to the student who receives the highest mark in cardiology.

Julia Curtis, centre, received the Gina D. Blundon Memorial Bursary, presented by Alice Blundon, left, and Kim Larouche. This bursary is awarded annually by the Medical Students Society to a medical student in the first two years of study who is in good academic standing and who is an active participant in class life in as many facets as possible. The most important of the selection criteria states that this individual must be judged by his peers to have a positive, caring attitude fostering a sense of camaraderie within class life. The student must also have demonstrated a genuine concern for classmates and show a desire to impact positively on the lives of his classmates.

Kelly Monaghan, right, received the Dr. Brian Gerard Adams Memorial Bursary, presented by Craig Adams. This bursary was established by the friends and family of Dr. Brian Gerard Adams. Joan Burke, minister of advanced education and skills, presented the Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarship to Katrina DeZeeuw. This scholarship is awarded annually to the most academically outstanding student in the first-year class.

Alysha Sears received the Dr. John M. Darte Memorial Award for first year, presented by Christopher Rusted on behalf of Mrs. J.M Darte. The recipient for second year, Tyler Mercer, was unable to attend the luncheon. These awards were established by Mrs. J.M. Darte and Mrs. Frances Darte McCabe in memory of Dr. John M. Darte, the first professor and chair of pediatrics at Memorial. The selection is based on academic excellence upon completion of first and second year medical studies. Heather Stone received the Walter Davis Award, presented by Greg Noel. This award was established by the Newfoundland Lung Association to honour the work of Walter David in the field of chest disease, particularly tuberculosis. The award is given to the student who achieves the highest grade in the respiratory component of the ISD-1 course.

Kayla Churchill received the Isidor Epstein Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This scholarship is awarded out of income derived from a bequest to Memorial University by the late Mrs. Bella Leukovitz. It is awarded to an outstanding student upon completion of second-year medical studies. Patrick Fleming received the Frank and Pat Fagan Family Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership. It was presented by Dr. Tanis Adey. This prestigious scholarship is awarded annually to an academically outstanding student who has completed the preclerkship component of the MD program and who has demonstrated a significant record of community leadership, prior to entry of during the medical program. Only residents of Newfoundland and Labrador are eligible to apply.

Lee Horgan received the Dr. Peter Grant Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Tanis Adey. This scholarship was established through generous gifts from the classmates, friends and family of Dr. Peter Grant (Class of 1994) to honour his enduring spirit. Shannon McCarter received the Dr. Wulf Grobin Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Anne Sclater, left.  This scholarship has been established by Ida Parsons in memory of Dr. Grobin, a compassionate physician and humanitarian who practiced medicine in Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay from 1938-1943 and in St. John’s from 1945-1958, after which he continued his medical career in Toronto in the area of diabetes and the elderly.

Marc Kawaja received the Dr. J.H. King Memorial Scholarship in Medicine, presented by Janice King. This fund was established by the family of Dr. J.H. King, a specialist in eyes, ears, nose and throat, who practiced in Corner Brook for more than 30 years (1947-1978). The scholarship is awarded upon completion of second year medical studies to a student from the Western Newfoundland area. Katrina DeZeeuw, right, was the first-year recipient of the Medical Practice Associates Scholarship for Academic Achievement, presented by Sue Anne Oates on behalf of MPA. The second-year recipient, Alexandra Maher, was unable to attend the luncheon.

Keelia Farrell received the Dr. Leonard Miller Award, presented by Dr. Shree Mulay.  This award was established in memory of Dr. Leonard A. Miller and is funded by the Faculty of Medicine and the St. John’s General Hospital. It is awarded to the most outstanding student in community health. Chris Dwyer, right, received the Faculty of Medicine Opportunity Fund Scholarship, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This scholarship is the result of an endowment created from several general donations to the Opportunity Fund by various alumni and friend of the university and in particular of the medical school.

Megan Dawe and Chat Petten were the first-year recipients of John M. & Elsa S. Morgan Scholarships, presented by Dr. Don McKay, left.  The second-year recipient, Joel Mercer, was unable to attend the luncheon. These scholarships were bequested to the university by the late Dr. John M. Morgan and his wife Elsa S. Morgan. They are made on the basis of scholarship standing and preference is given, where possible, to students from the Port de Grave District.

David Harnett, right, and Bolu Ogunyemi received Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association Awards, presented by NLMA President Dr. Sandra Luscombe. These awards are funded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association. Selection for these awards is based on potential interest in the organizational aspects of the profession of medicine as demonstrated by participation in leadership roles within the medical school.

David Watton, right, received the Pathology Prize, presented by Dr. Simon Avis. This prize was established in 1984 by the members of the Discipline of Laboratory Medicine in recognition of the distinguished contributions to pathology and to medical education at Memorial University by Dr. S.N. Huang, a previous chair of the discipline. This prize is awarded to the student whose performance in the general and systems pathology course is considered by members of the discipline to be most distinguished. Jessica Downing received the Dr. Calvin N. Powell  Bursary in Medicine, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This bursary was established by Dr. Calvin Powell (Class of 1982). Valued at $1,000 it is awarded annually to a qualifying student who has completed the preclership componend of the MD Program.

Dr. Mary E. Pederson Scholarships in Medicine were presented by Dr. Tanis Adey, left, to Beth Ellen Brown, Troy Climans and Janet Roberts. Recipients Caroline Barry and Ross Campbell were unable to attend the luncheon. Five scholarships, valued at $1,000 each, are awarded annually. These scholarships are made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Mary E. Pedersen (Class of 1980) and are awarded based on academic excellence.

Emily Copeland received the Dr. H.D. Roberts Prize in Pharmacology, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This prize is funded by an endowment provided by Elizabeth Drugs Limited in recognition of the contribution made to the community and to the medical profession by Dr. H.D. Roberts. It is awarded annually to the student who has shown academic excellence in the field of pharmacology. Andrew Bennett received the Dr. J.B. Roberts Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Tanis Adey. Friends and colleagues of the late Dr. J.B. Roberts established this scholarship in his memory. The selection is based on excellence in clinical skills as determined by performance in the clinical skills course (OSCE).

Dayna Butler, left, received the Rural Community Visit Prize, presented by Dr. Shree Mulay. This prize is provided by the Division of Community Health. The recipient is recommended by the Community Health Course Committee and is based on all essays/projects concerning the two-week rural community visit. Jennifer LeMessurier, right, received the Ryan Family Scholarship, presented by Sister Perpetua Kennedy. This scholarship, valued at $1,000, was established by Mrs. Helen Ryan in memory of family members, Mary B.H., Thomas Sr., Thomas Jr. and Mary. The selection is based on scholarship standing in undergraduate medical studies.

Sandra Cooke-Hubley received the inaugural Studentship in Physician and Medical Student Health and Well-Being, presented by Dr. Don McKay. This studentship provides an opportunity for a minimum of a one-month academic experience to research and conduct a project on some aspect of physician wellness in medicine. The project may include scholarly research; program evaluation related to health and well-being in the medical profession; or the creation of literature or other art inspired by this theme. Rebecca Titman received the Surgery Prize in Anatomy, presented by Dr. Darrell Boone. This award is made available by the Department of Surgery. It is awarded to the student who has obtained the highest grade in the anatomy course.

Patrick Fleming, centre, received the Morris & Graham Wilansky Memorial Award, presented by Marguerite and Pierce Hoyles. This award has been established by the family and friends of Morris and Graham Wilansky, in their memory. The award is normally awarded to the student who has achieved highest academic excellence in the neuroscience course.

Rebecca Titman, left, was the winner of the 2011 Medical Student Research Forum. Dean James Rourke made the presentations to Ms. Titman and runner up Patrick Fleming, right. Eugenia Khorochkov, also a runner-up, was unable to attend the luncheon.

First-year medical students on the Dean’s List were (from left): Chris Dwyer, Jennifer LeMessurier, Keelia Farrell, Katrina DeZeeuw, Rebecca Titman, Chad Petten,  Megan Dawe, Shannon McCarter and Heather Stone.  Dean James Rourke, fourth from right, made the presentations.

Second-year medical students on the Dean’s List were (from left): Troy Climans, David Watton, Patrick Fleming, Jessica Downing and Beth Ellen Brown. Dean James Rourke, third from right, made the presentations. Unavailable for the photo were Caroline Barry and Alexandra Maher.