News at Medicine - November 2010 - Survey participant wins iPad

Survey participant wins iPad
November 19, 2010
Health Sciences Information and Media Service (HSIMS) and the eHealth Research Unit held a survey this past summer to find out how students and residents use different kinds of technology for education, personal and professional purposes.

About 220 people participated in the 15-minute electronic survey, which asked questions such as “What type of personal computer do you own? and “How do you use them?” to “What type of mobile device do you own?” and “How do you use them?” As an enticement to participate, there was a prize awarded. Anesthesia resident Dr. Jane Seviour won an iPad for her participation.

“HSIMS will use the results of the survey to help design and support various systems during our education technology planning and development initiatives that focus on curriculum design and delivery,” said Steve Pennell, manager of health education technology and learning with HSIMS.

From left:  Steve Pennell, Dr. Jane Seviour and Dr. Gerard Farrell, director of the eHealth Research Unit.