News at Medicine - May 2013 - Video celebrates life of Dr. Ian Rusted

Video celebrates life of Dr. Ian Rusted
May 23, 2013
The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame has produced a video celebrating the life and contributions of Dr. Ian Rusted, founder of the medical school at Memorial University. The video was shown at the 15th Induction Ceremony and Dinner held May 2 in Halifax, when Dr. Rusted was among six inductees to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
Dr. Rusted was inducted in the category of “Builder” in recognition of the courage, dedication and perseverance it took to establish a medical school in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1967 when Dr. Rusted was appointed dean of medicine. The first students were accepted just two years later, and the first class graduated in 1973.

Today Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine has over 2,000 medical graduates who have carried with them the legacy of Dr. Rusted. Through his belief in strong clinical skills and dedication to community-based learning, Dr. Rusted laid the foundation for superb medical education, training doctors to work in both rural and urban areas around the world.