News at Medicine - May 2013 - Pediatric Residents Research Day 2013

Pediatric Residents Research Day 2013
May 13, 2013
Pediatric residents had the opportunity to showcase their research work on April 11 at the annual Pediatric Residents Research Day. There were 11 presentations, presented by all second- and fourth-year pediatric residents.
Topics this year included neonatal outcomes of infants born to glucose-tolerant obese mothers, sport-related concussions and helmet use, rheumatology learning modules for pediatric residents, nausea and antiemetic usage for chemotherapy for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), an evaluation of multisource feedback for assessing pediatric residents, childhood exposure to food and beverage television advertisements, and the development case based modules for endocrinology learning, residents teaching residents procedural skills, and a review of outcomes of mild and moderate pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis admissions using different types of insulin.
Dr. Jennie Morison was awarded a $100 prize for the best project by a second-year resident. Her supervisor, Dr. Leigh Anne Newhook, had previous found an association between birth by cesarean section and an increased risk for a child developing type-1 diabetes. Dr. Morison is conducting further analysis on the same study participants to identify the specific reasons and indications for cesarean section in this population. 
Dr. Rikin Patel was awarded a $200 prize for the best fourth-year project. His project compares pediatric faculty and resident perspectives on the structure and process of the in-training evaluation reports (ITER) to improve the ITER as an evaluation tool for Memorial University’s pediatric residency training program.

Dr. Jennie Morison and Dr. Anne Drover, residency director for the division of pediatrics.

Dr. Rikin Patel and Dr. Roger Chafe, director of pediatric research.