News at Medicine - May 2009 - University Medal for Excellence to M.Sc. (Medicine) grad

University Medal for Excellence to M.Sc. (Medicine) grad
May 29, 2009
Amanda Parsons from Summerside, NL, now a first-year medical students, received the University Medal for Excellence in a Thesis Based Masters Program at spring convocation. Her supervisor for her M.Sc. (Medicine) was Dr. Gary Paterno, Terry Fox Cancer Research Laboratory.

Dr. Parsons said that Amanda’s work “demonstrated that a molecule that we have discovered (called MIER1) is critical in the formation and function of fat cells in our body. It appears to regulate the number/size of fat cells and (less evidence) their ability to regulate the conversion of glucose to fat and visa versa. Her work has the revealed that the regulation of MIER1 activity is a critical target for the control of obesity and diabetes.”

The title of Amanda’s M.Sc. thesis is: Identification and characterization of a novel interaction between peroxisome-proliferator activated receptor gamma and mesoderm induction-early response 1: Implications for adipogenesis. Dr. Paterno sasid both of her thesis examiners reported her thesis as outstanding and her external examiner (from Dalhousie University) stated it was equivalent to one to the best Ph.D. thesis he has examined.

University Medal for Excellence winner Amanda Parsons and her thesis adviser Dr. Gary Paterno.