News at Medicine - May 2009 - Internal Medicine Resident Research Day

Internal Medicine Resident Research Day
May 25, 2009
There were six presentations at this year’s Internal Medicine Resident Research Day, held May 22. The first-place Dr. David Hawkins prize went to Dr. Lisa Duffett for her presentation on a study conducted with Dr. Kerry Arnold on “Diagnosing pulmonary embolism in the emergency department.”

Dr. Rick Bhatia supervised Dr. Duffett’s study. Pulmonary embolism is a common, treatable disease but it can be challenging to diagnosis because of nonspecific signs and symptoms. The study’s objective was to evaluate the appropriate use of CT pulmonary angiogram in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in local emergency departments and to determine the validity of previously established clinical algorithms in the patient population.

Second place went to Dr. Anan Joshi, supervised by Drs. Ford Bursey and Sean Connors, for his presentation on “GI cytoprotection in persons greater than 60 years old in the setting of antiplatelet therapy after deployment of a drug-eluting coronary stent.”

Third place was awarded to Dr. Teresa Pun for her presentation on “A new diagnosis of thymoma and common variable immunodeficiency in a patient with inflammatory bowel disease.” The study was done in collaboration with Dr. Loie Goronfollah, a resident at McMaster University, and Dr. Anne Ellis, assistant professor of allergy and immunology at Queen’s University.

Adjudicator Dr. John Harnett praised the quality of this year’s presentations. He said some of the important reasons to do research as a resident are to stimulate research activities further on and to practice giving presentations. “Pragmatically, for sub-specialty training, if you have had experience in research they do look at publications. The importance of case reports should not be understated and they may even get published.”

Two other prizes were awarded. The Dr. John Simpson Memorial Award went to Dr. Anan Joshi. This award is given to the internal medicine resident, chosen by his or her peers, who demonstrates excellence in teaching other members of the internal medicine housestaff and medical students. The award is a tribute to Dr. Simpson, a former medical internist at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, who died in 1998 at the age of 46.

The Dr. Cameron Raffard Award was presented for the second time. The award is in memory of Dr. Raffard, a second-year internal medicine resident who died Jan. 13, 2008. The award is given to a resident who reflects Dr. Raffard’s values and exhibits an aptitude for health advocacy. This year’s winner was Dr. Krista Noonan for her essay on health advocacy and how to promote the health of patients.

First place award winner Dr. Lisa Duffett, right, with Dr. John Harnett.

Second place award winner Dr. Anan Joshi, right, with Dr. Harnett.

Third place award winner Dr. Teresa Pun, right, with Dr. Harnett.

Dr. Kirsty Tomkins, right, presented the Dr. John Simpson Memorial Award to Dr. Anan Joshi.

Dr. Kirsty Tomkins, right, presented Dr. Krista Noonan with the Dr. Cameron Raffard Award.