News at Medicine - May 2009 - Discipline of Psychiatry Resident Research Day

Discipline of Psychiatry Resident Research Day
May 25, 2009
The Discipline of Psychiatry held its annual Resident Research Day May 22. There were five presentations and two prizes were awarded. The adjudicators for the event were Drs. Sharon Buehler and Paul Dancey

Dr. Matt Lilly was awarded first prize, the Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Excellence in Research 2009, for his presentation “Does Cognitive Testing Predict Driving Assessment Outcome in Cognitively Impaired Adults?” Dr. Lilly’s supervisor was Dr. Howard Strong.

Dr. Gil Walsh received second prize, the Research Prize in Psychiatry 2009, for his presentation “Metabolic Syndrome in First-Episode Psychosis Patients.” Dr. Walsh’s supervisors were Drs. Kellie LeDrew and Kevin Hogan.

Dr. Matt Lilly, left, received the Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Excellence in Research, presented by Brenda Fisher, representing Janssen-Ortho.

Dr. Gil Walsh, centre, received the Research Prize in Psychiatry, presented by Dr. Ted Callanan, right, chair of the Discipline of Psychiatry, and Dr. Kevin Hogan, director of research for the Discipline of Psychiatry.

From left: Dr. Paul Dancey, adjudicator, Dr. Ted Callanan, Dr. Kevin Hogan, Dr. Sharon Buehler, adjudicator, Dr. Matt Lilly, Dr. Gil Walsh and Brenda Fisher.