News at Medicine - March 2012 - James H. Graham Award of Merit for Dr. Ian Bowmer

James H. Graham Award of Merit for Dr. Ian Bowmer
March 9, 2012
Dr. Ian Bowmer, dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 1996-2003, has received this year’s James H. Graham Award of Merit from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Ian BowmerA strong belief in the collaborative nature of medicine greatly influenced Dr. Bowmer and led to a number of important partnerships that mark his career.

“I'm very honored to be receiving this award and it’s all because of my role at MUN,” said Dr. Bowmer, who is the executive director of the Medical Council of Canada. “I’ve spent my academic career in a small province where you realize that strength comes from working together.”

During his time as dean of medicine at Memorial, Dr. Bowmer promoted medical education as an academic pursuit and to endorse interprofessionalism.

“Since we didn’t have a critical mass at the Faculty of Medicine, we brought together several faculties and created a collaborative medical education environment, he said.

This honorary award of merit was named for Dr. James H. Graham, secretary-general of the Royal College from 1953 to 1979. The award is presented to a person whose outstanding achievements reflect the aims and objectives of the Royal College.