News at Medicine - June 2010 - Haiti bound

Haiti bound
June 16, 2010
Three MUNMed grads are heading off to Haiti this week to assist in a relief effort with a group sponsored from the University of Maryland. Drs. Andrew and Allison Furey (both Class of 2001) and Dr. Will Moores (Class of 2007 and now an orthopedic resident at Memorial) will spend nine days working out of the ruins of the St. Francois Sales Hospital in Port au Prince.

Drs. Allison and Andrew Furey are taking T-shirts and pens, donated by the Faculty of Medicine, to leave as souvenirs in Haiti.

The connection with the University of Maryland is through Dr. Andrew Furey, who spent a fellowship year in Baltimore with the R. Adam Cowley Shock Trauma Centre. He is now on faculty at Memorial as an orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Allison Furey is affiliated with Memorial as a pediatric emergency room physician at the Janeway.

The trio Ieave June 19 and return June 27. “We will be filling in for physicians for regular emergency work and also dealing with injuries missed the first time round such as musk-skeletal injuries and chronic reconstruction,” explained Dr. Andrew Furey.

The St. Francois Sales Hospital is being re-built on a new site but meanwhile work is continuing out of the remains of the ruins of the original hospital. St. Francois de Sales Hospital was built in 1881 and is one of the oldest hospitals in Port au Prince.Seventy percent of the hospital was destroyed in the earthquake, including its maternity, pediatric, and general inpatient wards. Only portions of the surgical unit and the outpatient unit were spared. Approximately seventy staff and patients were killed.

Since late January, surgery teams from Baltimore have worked at St. Francois de Sales Hospital on a rotating basis, one to two weeks per team. To date, more than 100 doctors, nurses, operating room technicians, infectious disease specialists and other medical staff from the University of Maryland have traveled to Haiti to assist in this effort. They have treated more than 20,000 patients.