News at Medicine - February 2012 - Dean of Medicine joins Team Broken Earth

Dean of Medicine joins Team Broken Earth
February 17, 2012
Dr. James Rourke, dean of medicine, will spend Feb. 18-24 in Haiti with Team Broken Earth. The 30-member volunteer team, headed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Furey, is in Haiti on its fourth mission.
NTV’s Darrin Bent will spend some time also with the team, reporting back live on Feb. 20 and 21 and concluding the three-part series on his return Feb. 22.

“As dean I am excited to be going,” said Dr. Rourke. “It will be a learning experience for me. I am very proud of Team Broken Earth – this is really a transformational approach to providing medical relief, taking a whole team rather than scattered volunteers.”

Dr. Rourke said the team is providing desperately needed medical help in Haiti and is also providing education to the Haitian people so that they can develop their own health system towards a North American standard.
Team Broken Earth is the first collective of Memorial University and Eastern Health employees involved in an international relief effort. Dr. Furey said the team has become a tremendous force in Haiti, capable of caring for more than 500 patients per week.

Team Broken Earth has earned high praise from its partner Project Medishare for Haiti, based at the University of Miami. In a letter to Dr. Furey, president and co-founder of Project Medishare, Barth Green, wrote: “Your team were not just good, but were spectacular…. The sensitivity with which your team dealt with our local Haitian physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals was exemplary and at this point is almost legendary among the many teams that pass through our facility.”

Haiti was ravaged by an earthquake two years ago that leveled the capital city of Port au Prince, killing 200,000 people and leaving more than a million people homeless. 

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