News at Medicine - December 2009 - Gina Blundon Memorial Bursary

Gina Blundon Memorial Bursary
December 17, 2009
Sean Doherty, a third-year medical student from Iqaluit, Nunavut, received the 2009 Gina Blundon Memorial Bursary on Dec. 17. The bursary was set up by the Class of 2004 in memory of their late classmate Gina Blundon, a first-year medical student who passed away suddenly in 2001.

Dr. John Martin, now a pediatrician, is a member of Gina’s class. He was at the award ceremony Dec. 17 and recollected that it was a “surreal experience” for the class when she died. “Gina was always very welcoming and concerned about everyone in the class. We were interested in setting up a wellness committee and she really pushed for it. We looked to her as a leader and it was a terrible shock when she died not even six months into our first year.”

The Class of 2004 has worked to make sure Gina’s name is remembered. Besides establishing the Gina Blundon Memorial Bursary, in 2002 they planted a Red Splendour Blossoming Crabapple between the south side of the Health Sciences Centre and the river, with a granite remembrance plaque embedded beside it.

The plaque reads: “We will remember Gina D. Blundon 1975-2001. Daughter, fiancĂ©e, sister, friend, medical student, occupational therapist. We plant this tree to celebrate the beauty Gina brought into the lives she touched.”

Sean Doherty, a third-year medical student, is the recipient of this year’s Gina Blundon Memorial Bursary. The cheque for $500 was presented to Sean by Dr. James Rourke, dean of Medicine. Also attending the presentation were Lisa Heale, left, an occupational therapy consultant who sits on the board that decides the recipient of the bursary; and Dr. John Martin, right, a member of the Class of 2004.