News at Medicine - August 2013 - MGS reunion 2013

MGS reunion 2013
August 9, 2013
The annual Medical Graduates’ Society (MGS) Reunion was held August 2-3 at the Faculty of Medicine. This year over 100 graduates of the MD classes of 1973, ’78, ’83, ’88, ‘93, ’98 and ’03 enjoyed reconnecting for social events as well as a Saturday morning CME session. For the Class of 1973, the first graduating class, this was a special milestone as they celebrated their 40th anniversary.
Dr. Paul Hart, Class of 1973, spoke about medical volunteering during the CME morning on Aug. 3. In 2011, Dr. Hart was named Volunteer Physician of the Year by the Massachusetts Medical Society; he has been a tireless champion of equitable health care for the uninsured/underserved in Massachusetts and around the globe. Dr. Hart said there are many positive effects to volunteering, both for the recipients of the volunteering and for the volunteers. He noted that about 100 hours per year are needed to gain positive health outcomes from volunteering. His presentation included photos from volunteer trips he has been part of in Brazil, South Africa and India.
Dr. Paul Hart  
Member of the Class of 1973, the first medical class, rose to introduce themselves at the CME event on Aug. 3. From left: Drs. Mark Chalom, Douglas Simms, Steve Shore, Oleh Waler, Daniel Shu and David Moores.

Among the members of the Class of 1973 celebrating their 40th reunion were (front, from left):  Drs. David Moores, Steve Shore, Terry Delaney and Don Eddy. Second row, from left: Drs. Rosemary Hutchison, Adaani Frost, Mark Chalom and Oleh Waler. Back, from left:  Drs. Adolphe Giovannini and Daniel Shu.
Among members of the Class of 1978 attending the reunion were (front from left): Drs. Catherine Donovan and Dawn House. Middle row (from left): Marilyn Bishop, Jean Mercer and Anne Casey. Back row (from left): Drs. Jennifer Cant, Bill Waymouth, Maureen Dunne, Tor Wasmeier and Minnie Wasmeier.

Among members of the Class of 1983 attending the reunion were (from left): Drs. Andrew Hutton, Karen (Ash) Fung-Kee-Fung; Gerry Cooper and Glenn Pearce.

Among members of the Class of 1993 attending the reunion were (front row, from left): Drs. Stephanie Philpott, Shelly Dunne, Krisztina Bajzak, Leigh Anne Newhook, Sabine Jurgens, Carmen Stuart, Kim Butt, Lesa Dawson, Kara Laing and Selig Wilansky. Back (from left): Drs. Chris Goodyear, Greg Browne, Kirk Hollohan, John Lewis, John Murdoch and Shawn Blunston.

There was a good turnout from the Class of 2003 for their first reunion. Among those attending were (front row, from left): Drs. Melanie Seal, Xing Wong, Mary-Clare Royle, Michelle Temple, Vickie Martin, Colleen O’Brien, Peter Montesano, James Coffey, Darlene Hodgson, Dawn Turner, Jennifer Williams and Jackie Elliott. Back row, from left: Drs.  Keegan Au, Brian Farrell, Darryl Young, Arthur Payne, Mark Smallwood, Robert Kennedy, Tracy Scott, Karan Shetty and Scott Sloka.