News at Medicine - April 2012 - Undergraduate research student ranks first to win prestigious award

Undergraduate research student ranks first to win prestigious award
April 20, 2012
Justin King, a fourth-year undergraduate student who has been conducting research in Dr. Mani Larijani’s laboratory for the past year, has just been awarded a prestigious graduate fellowship from the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Institute.

Mr. King ranked first among all graduate applications. He has been awarded a two-year fellowship which will support him as he begins his graduate work as a PhD candidate in Dr. Larijani’s lab later this spring, when he finishes his undergraduate honours B.Sc. degree in biochemistry.

Mr. King’s project involves the elucidation of structure-function relationships in the enzyme Activation-induced deaminase, which is a central player in human immunodeficiency diseases as well as lymphoma. His work as an undergraduate over the past year has already led to one published manuscript, one submitted manuscript and two more under preparation. He has presented his results in national and international conferences.

Dr. Larijani thanked the Discipline of Oncology for providing Mr. King with a travel award to attend the Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology in Boston March 18-22, along with Dr. Larijani who went as an invited speaker. “Justin’s start in my lab has been good,” he said. “M y team and I are proud of him and I am optimistic that his research will bring important breakthroughs.”