News at Medicine - October 2018 - Roadside to beach-side

Roadside to beach-side
October 25, 2018
Susan Stuckless used to play ball hockey in the streets of Herring Neck, NL. Little did she know those games would lead her to a gold medal.

A data analyst at the Faculty of Medicine, Susan was part of the winning team who took home gold during the 2018 International Street & Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF) Master’s Championship in Bermuda last month.

“I wasn’t sure about signing up for the team, but when a friend told me the Master’s championship was being held in Bermuda I said ‘tell me more!’” recalls Susan who works for the Translational and Personalized Medicine Initiative.

Susan1.JPGThe Canadian women’s team won six games in the tournament. Susan was the third-leading scorer in the women’s tournament; with two goals and five assists, according to a Telegram article. In their final game, the team saw a 2-1 victory against the U.S.

Five other players from Newfoundland were members of the men’s Canadian winning team.

“This was my first time competing in the Master’s,” said Susan. “I also hadn’t met the team in person until I got to Bermuda. But, they were such a talented, friendly group of people so it was an amazing experience for my first competition.”

Organized ball hockey is played around the world in over 60 countries, according to IBSHF’s website.   

When she was a kid, the street hockey was all for fun. “We used to play with wooden nets and fish netting,” laughs Susan. “I think I was the only girl the boys let play with them.”

From there, Susan didn’t play again competitively until university and then on and off in the 2000s. In recent years, Susan joined a four-on-four league in St. John’s and was chosen to be part of a provincial team that competed in national championships. It was during the 2017 championship a friend suggested she try out for the Master’s team and the rest is history. 

Fans can expect to see Susan at the 2019 National Championships, which will be held in St. John’s next summer. As for the 2020 Master’s Championship, Susan said “it’s definitely something I’d think about trying again.”

Photo credit: Susan Stuckless

*first picture: the Canadian Women's Ball Hockey team in Bermuda 

*second picture: Susan holding the Canadian flag in Bermuda