News at Medicine - October 2018 - Physician of the Year: Dr. Norah Duggan

Physician of the Year: Dr. Norah Duggan
October 18, 2018
Dr. Norah Duggan, Discipline of Family Medicine, was awarded the 2018-2019 NL College of Family Physicians family physician of the year award recently.

Dr. Duggan is with a practice at the Shea Heights Community Health Centre.

Dr. Duggan (MD ’95) earned her bachelor of medical sciences and medical degree, and completed her family medicine residency at the Memorial University. She began her career in Twillingate, where she practised full scope family medicine in a rural hospital. In 1999 she accepted a faculty position with Memorial as part of a project to develop primary care teaching sites in rural Newfoundland.

In 2003 Dr. Duggan resettled in St. John’s and was offered a position at one of the teaching sites in Shea Heights where she currently works in a multidisciplinary clinic with patients from newborn to palliative, conducts house calls, and performs small procedures. The clinic includes public and community health nurses, a social worker, and a pharmacist; the team teaches medical students, family medicine residents, and occasionally nursing, pharmacy, social work, and nurse practitioner students. She was previously Rural Family Medicine Clerkship Coordinator with Memorial, and is presently clerkship director. Dr. Duggan, who is also an associate professor, is involved in research in youth mental health, low-risk obstetrics, and undergraduate education.

Dr. Duggan finds being able to care and advocate for patients, and share their joys and sorrows, both a joy and honour. Low risk obstetrics in particular bring tremendous fulfillment to her career; being present for such a major life event is a privilege that she cherishes.  

The Reg L. Perkins Award recognizes family physicians who exemplify the best of what being a family doctor is all about. The candidate must:
•             Be a family physician CFPC member in good standing
•             Provide exceptional care to their patients
•             Make meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of their communities
•             Dedicate themselves as researchers and educators of future generations of family doctors
•             Exemplify the four principles of family medicine:
•             Skilled clinician
•             Community-based
•             A resource to a practice population
•             Recognize the central importance of the doctor-patient relationship
Dr. Duggan was chosen at the Family Medicine Conference in Gander on Oct. 13. She will also go to the national awards celebration where she will meet all of the Family Physicians of the Year across the country. Each province has its own Family Physician of the Year and are all celebrated nationally at an event in Toronto.