News at Medicine - October 2018 - Dean Steele's notes - Oct. 15, 2018

Dean Steele's notes - Oct. 15, 2018
October 16, 2018
To continue with our ongoing community engagement and to meet our social accountability mandate, Dr. Tanis Adey, associate dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, and I met with Lisa Browne, chief executive officer of Stella’s Circle and her leadership team to learn more about the variety of activities that Stella’s Circle offer to members of our community. 
We discussed exciting possibilities where our learners, undergraduate medical students, postgraduate residents and graduate students could be involved in activities at Stella’s Circle while at the same time giving back to the individuals who are involved with the organization.
Dr. Adey, Dr. Alyson Haynes, curriculum lead, and I went to New Brunswick to meet with Dr. Tom Laughlin, assistant dean, New Brunswick and his team. We were able to meet several of our faculty members and learners in Fredericton, Upper River Valley, Miramichi and Moncton. I would like to thank all of those who met with us and shared their experiences and ideas on how we can enhance the learning experience for both medical student and residents.
We had the pleasure of meeting with the first two Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) students: Garrett Tingley and Carolyn MacLeod who are completing their LIC in Moncton, New Brunswick. They are thoroughly enjoying their experience and find it an enriching learning environment. One area that they thought could be enhanced are the distance lectures for Phase 4. They indicated some of the lectures get cancelled at the last moment, sometimes lecturers are not as attentive to the distant learners and they sometimes do not provide their PowerPoint slides. As an educational institution, I believe it is important for all our learners to be able to access educational materials and participate actively in the learning experiences. Therefore, I would strongly encourage our faculty and staff who are providing educational experiences to share their PowerPoint slides, engage all our learners and when providing classroom lectures to allow lecture capture to occur if at all possible. As part of Destination Excellence, we want to achieve our outcomes of Thriving Learners and Graduates.
On Wednesday, Oct. 10, I attended the Eastern Health Innovation Roundtable. There are many exciting innovative activities happening at Eastern Health many of which involve our faculty members. These activities ultimately are improving patient care and providing value to the health care system. Dr. Sean Connors, with a team of individuals, presented their innovative application, C-Cath, a digital solution to improve equitable access to triage cardiac patients throughout the province, providing a live update of their cardiac status. Eastern Health and the Faculty of Medicine are committed to work collaboratively to enhance innovation in health care.
On October 10, 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bill Devlin and his wife Molly Brenan as well as his sister Anne. Dr. Devlin, who is a Rhodes Scholar and proud graduate of our Faculty of Medicine medical school in 1988, currently works as a cardiologist with the Michigan Heart Group and medical director of the Coronary Care Unit of the Michigan Heart Group. Dr. Devlin has generously given to the Faculty of Medicine and has provided a Student Travel Award, which allows students to go to professional meetings outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, and in recognition of his commitment and generosity to the Faculty of Medicine he and his wife unveiled the newly named Devlin Family Student Facilities.
The week culminated with our Faculty of Medicine reunion activities. For the first time we coupled our reunion events with those of Memorial University. So alumni could not only spend time with friends and colleagues from the medical school, but also partake in other activities across campus.
On Friday night, a reception was held in the atrium and Dr. Gary Kachonoski, president of the university, joined us and we had approximately 100 people attend. On Saturday, Oct. 13, we had our traditional continuing professional development morning featuring our alumni Dr. David Hunstman (1988), Dr. Meghan Matthews (2015), Dr. Doug Angel (2008), Dr. Arthur Rideout (1988), and Dr. Jennifer Croke (2008) which was followed by the Dean’s Luncheon. Their presentations were informative, creative and celebrated history and the Faculty of Medicine.
On Sunday, Oct. 14, we hosted the second annual community Open House where we had approximately 350 number of people come to the Faculty of Medicine to see our facilities, learn about a variety of topics such as anatomy, 3D printing, simulation and our ground breaking research. Many thanks to all the learners, staff, and faculty who made this a successful open house. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Rebecca Rebeiro, who led the committee to plan the Open House, and Julia Corocoran, who organized the reunion events, as their hard work contributed to the success of these events.