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Communications - News at Medicine - October 2017 - Faculty of Medicine expands global health reach

Faculty of Medicine expands global health reach
October 26, 2017
The Faculty of Medicine has joined a global organization that focuses on women’s and children’s health.
Officially formed in 2010, the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) catalyzes Canadian collaboration among its partners who are improving women’s and children’s health in 1,000 communities worldwide. Memorial is one of 100 partners.

The driving force behind the new partnership is Dr. Jill Allison, who is the faculty’s Global Health coordinator. She feels it’s important for Memorial to have a voice in an organization like CanWaCH.

The collaboration fits very well with the Faculty of Medicine’s Global Health program which emphasizes partnerships, equity, social accountability and advocacy. “Collaborating in larger networks facilitates opportunities to be part of a movement and strengthens our contributions to global health equity. CanWaCH provides opportunities for partners in the global north to hear from low income countries and develop approaches that are driven by the needs of the people who have experience in the context.”
Dr. Allison also believes their mandate has relevance for many departments including Community Health and Humanities and Pediatrics, who have also expressed an interest in participating. In fact, Dr. Allison adds, any department that has women and children’s health as a priority could be part of the conversation. “It provides an opportunity for people at Memorial to learn more about what other organizations are doing, participate in strategic planning and partner with networks in other countries, and contribute to the broader conversation around global health priorities.”  
“I hope we will be valued members who contribute ideas and demonstrate our willingness to collaborate,” Dr. Allison added. “As a smaller global health program, we have a lot to gain by working in partnership with larger groups. I am looking forward to building some strong network connections for our professional, academic and learner community.”
CanWaCH is made up of non-governmental organizations, academics and health practitioners. To date, members have focused on data revolution, connecting experts and communicating the collective impact to Canadians.

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