Communications - News at Medicine - November 2018 - Leading the charge

Leading the charge
November 28, 2018
The Faculty of Medicine’s Dr. Jill Allison is among an international group of women recognized for their achievements and expertise in global health.
Last week, the Canadian Society for International Health (CHIS) launched the first Canadian Women in Global Health List 2018 (or List) to increase the visibility, representation and leadership of women in the field.

“It is truly an honour to have been nominated to and included in the first list of Canadian Women Global Health Leaders,” said Dr. Allison. “The women in this list have forged paths and served as mentors to so many, it is inspiring to look at the wealth of knowledge, passion and energy represented.” 

Dr. Allison is the global health coordinator at the faculty and a clinical assistant professor in the Division of Community Health and Humanities. Her focus is on global health equity both locally and internationally. Dr. Allison has worked on development projects, medical education and research in a variety of settings including Nepal, Haiti, Ireland and Bangladesh and has also supported research capacity building in a number of African universities. Locally, she has volunteered with a number of organizations aimed at building social and health equity. Dr. Allison has a background in nursing that informs her work in medical education and critical scholarship on healthcare and social change.

The List was developed by a working group with members from various organizations in the health and academic sector and was created as a reference for media, journal editors and conference organizers to find women experts in global health.  

It was initiatied by Jocalyn Clark, from The Lancet, in collaboration with Eva Slawecki, from the Canadian Society for International Health and Sara Lawley from the Govemerment of Canada.  

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