Communications - News at Medicine - May 2019 - Save the Mother’s Day Walk local launch

Save the Mother’s Day Walk local launch
May 30, 2019
Residents from the Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynecology and some MD students joined forces recently in the name of maternal health.
The local Save the Mother’s Day Walk was initiated by OB/GYN resident, Dr. Annie Gu, who attended a conference in Boston and learned about the non-profit organization, Save the Mothers (STM), founded by OB/GYN Dr. Jean Chamberlain from McMaster University. The organization is committed to improving the health of mothers and babies in developing countries through funding several educational and hospital-based initiatives. Every year on Mother’s Day, walks to fundraise in support of STM are hosted in several cities.
So, with the help of a planning committee and over 15 volunteers, Dr. Gu was inspired to host St. John’s very first Walk to Save a Mother on May 12 at Bowring Park to work towards decreasing maternal morbidity and mortality.
The planning committee included OB/GYN residents: Dr. Annie Gu and Dr. Gina Colbourne, as well as second-year medical students Sarah Devereaux, Kayla Chubbs and Melissa O’Brien.
“Over 800 women die from preventable pregnancy and childbirth related complications every day,” said O’Brien. “No woman should die of this. Furthermore, mothers in East Africa often walk 5 kms or more on their way to a health care facility in labour. Several 5 kms or more walks are hosted on Mother’s Day to raise money for STM, and we felt it was incredibly important that this event be brought to NL."
Locally, they had 78 registrants, including the chair of OB/GYN, Dr. Atamjit Gill (pictured here), and raised nearly $2300. They’re planning to make it an annual event. 

STM has several initiatives for this cause including a student scholarship program, providing quality training, equipping hospitals and health centres, and community outreach.

Sponsors for the NL event included the Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Diamond Design; KnitSprite; Wild Mother Provisions; Condiments by Steve Curtis; Old Trout Studio; Amnesty Cornelius (artist); Lane Photography; Escape Quest; Rocket Bakery; The Omelette Wizard; Cineplex; Chatters (Kelsey Drive); Costco; Dominion (Blackmarsh Road); Dominion Memorial (Lake Ave); Sobeys (Topsail Road); Sobeys (Ropewalk Lane); Newfoundland Chocolate Company; Emma Moore from Em-3 Fitness NL; and the band, Alternative Medicine.