News at Medicine - May 2016 - Problem-focused and solution-oriented session available to the public

Problem-focused and solution-oriented session available to the public
May 29, 2016
On Thursday, June 2, Dr. Greg Dubord, one of Canada's leading authorities on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), will present a public workshop on the topic and attendees will have an opportunity to draw upon his expertise to help improve their well-being.
A collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and CBT Canada has made the workshop available to Memorial University's St. John's campus.
Dr. Greg Dubord

CBT is a scientifically-proven way to improve well-being. CBT can help a person identify and change the destructive thought patterns that negatively influence their feelings and behaviors. Although it may not be possible to control every situation, it may be possible for someone to control how they interpret and handle situations.

Dr. Dubord has given over 300 training courses to mental health professionals, offered many public workshops across Canada, and is the founding director of the Advanced CBT Institute at the University of Toronto.

This workshop will be of interest to many different groups. From those who suffers from a chronic medical condition  like chronic pain, have a health risk related to obesity or poor stress management, or anyone who is dealing with a psychological challenge such as addiction, anxiety or depression.

This workshop is taking place on June 2, 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's, N.L. and it is open to the public.

Admission is $49 + HST and includes light refreshments.

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