News at Medicine - March 2022 - Extraordinary employees

Extraordinary employees
March 11, 2022
After many delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Vianne Timmons enthusiastically handed out the 2021 President’s Awards to outstanding employees during a luncheon March 9 at the Signal Hill Campus.

Outstanding Research

A photo Dr. Matthew Parsons is seen on a screen in the background. Memorial President Dr. Vianne Timmons (left) holds a frame President's Award certificate, which is being accepted by Dr. Michelle Ploughman (right) on Dr. Parsons' behalf.President’s Awards for Outstanding Research were awarded to Dr. Eric Vander Wal, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science; Dr. Jennifer Selby, Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; and Dr. Matthew Parsons, Division of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine. This award recognizes young researchers who have made significant contributions to their scholarly disciplines.

Outstanding Graduate and Postgraduate Supervision

Dr. Michelle Ploughman, Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, was awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Graduate and Postgraduate Supervision.

This award recognizes exemplary efforts to foster success in the research and scholarship of their graduate or postgraduate students and to advance their students’ success in their profession.

Congratulations to Drs. Parsons and Ploughman on their great work and this recognition.

Please read the full article, and list of award honourees, at The Gazette.