News at Medicine - June 2021 - Medical Graduate Student Society recognized for award-winning activities

Medical Graduate Student Society recognized for award-winning activities
June 8, 2021

In Fall 2020, the Medical Graduate Student Society (MGSS) of the Faculty of Medicine was honoured to receive the Student Group of the Year Award from the Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB) of Memorial University. 

The SVB award received by MGSS
This award recognizes the incredible commitment of MGSS members to the well-being of their medical graduate student membership, for dedicated funding drives to support charitable organizations in the community, and as involved and impactful student leaders in the Faculty of Medicine. 
The theme of the SVB award application MGSS Gives Back! highlighted volunteer activities, including dedicated fundraising for three annual graduate student awards. To recognize community involvement and volunteerism, an award is given to one masters student and one PhD student. The third award, the MGSS travel award, is focused on graduate students attending their first conference. In a recent fundraiser selling tubs of cookie dough, they raise close to $1,300 which will go towards student scholarships and awards.
Of course the students' activities are well noticed by facutly and staff and this recognition acknolwedges the students' enthusiasm and dedication to supporting the community and their fellow peers.

“We are very proud of MGSS for their ongoing contributions to the spirit of volunteerism, advocacy, well-being and inclusion in the Faculty of Medicine,” said Associate Dean, Graduate Students, Dr. Ann Dorward” 
MGSS also partners with the undergraduate Medical Student Society to organize the annual Monte Carlo Charity Gala. Some of the activities organized by MGSS and continue to be held included wellness initiatives for graduate students delivered through online activities on well-being. 
With so many accomplishments, what are their plans for 2021? “We are continuing to try and support students as best we can virtually,” said Anna Walsh, MGSS President and Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology). “We continue to host Wellness Wednesdays weekly where we have special guest speakers, physical activity guides, career sessions, and more.
Ms. Walsh also explained that they often host virtual events like games nights once a month and hopefully, as provincial restrictions ease, they will be able to host more activities this summer that can bring students back together again for safe social events.
The MGSS is open to all students across 10 graduate programs offered through the Faculty of Medicine, a cohort of approximately 280 full-time and part-time students enrolled in Diploma, Masters or PhD programs. The MGSS has a student representative for each program and an executive council for a total of 18 leadership positions voted in annually in the Fall term.
Graduate students are encouraged to get involved with MGSS as a member and a future leader. Follow MGSS on Facebook or Instagram to learn about upcoming events and how to get more involved. 

Top (Left to Right): GSU Rep: Erik Mensah, Secretary & Public Health Rep: Dawn Curran, Social Chair: Lisa Blundell, Genetics Rep: Christie Costello, Neuroscience Rep: Katie Fifield, Vice President: Alicia Blackmore, Health Ethics Rep: Rachel Hewitt, President: Gaylene Russell McEvoy, Clinical Epidemiology Rep: Anna Walsh

Bottom (Left to Right): Cardiovascular Sciences Rep: Brenda Wells, Social Chair: Jordan Osmond, Applied Health Services Rep: Tanisha Wright Brown, Treasurer: Leah Curnew

Missing from Photo: Sports/Wellness Chair: Mona Frey, Community Health and Humanities Rep: Arifur Rahman, Immunology and Infectious Diseases Rep: Thaneswary Rajanderan