News at Medicine - June 2021 - Dean's Notes June 24, 2021

Dean's Notes June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
 We are coming to the end of the academic year. I would like to thank all our learners, staff, and faculty for your perseverance over the past year. I look forward to the fall when we can all be on campus together. I would encourage all of you to get vaccinated so that you and others will be safer as we transition back to the "new normal”. For more information about booking your second vaccine, please visit the Get the Shot website
We look forward to the return to campus of all staff on July 13.  All managers have been working diligently on a safe return through their business continuity plans and we look forward to seeing our colleagues back on campus.  Thank you for your patience and understanding through this transition.
I would like to recognize several individuals who have received important recognitions.
  • Dr. Michelle Ploughman, Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Canada Research Chair Tier II, who won both the 2021 President’s Award for Outstanding Graduate and Postgraduate Supervision and the  2020 School of Graduate Studies Rockstar Supervisor Award.
  • Dr. Wayne Gullivar, Professor in Medicine, who received the Canadian Dermatology Association Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi, Assistant Dean of Social Accountability and Clinical Assistant Professor who received the Canadian Dermatology Association Early Career Volunteer Award.
  • Dr. Gena Bugden, Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, for winning the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Emergency Physician of the Year award.
  • Dr. Gillian Sheppard, Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, who won the Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine from the CAEP.
  • Dr. Shree Mulay, Professor in Community Health and Humanities, was one of eight women who received the Canada Association of University Teachers Equity Award for filing a human rights complaint against the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program .
  • Ms. Alicia Blackmore, fourth-year PhD candidate in Clinical Epidemiology, was the recipient of the inaugural is Janet Murphy Goodridge Legacy Award for her research in the importance of breastfeeding support and the impact on infants, mothers, families and communities.  
If you have received an award or special commendation, please let your associate dean or discipline chair as well as myself know of your accomplishments.

Rural Engagement
Dr. Andrew Hunt, Assistant Dean, Distributed Medical Education, represented the Faculty of Medicine on a panel entitled Good Bones: The future of collaboration between Rural NL and Memorial which was put on by the Harris Center. Dr. Hunt was able to showcase the many educational and research initiatives the faculty of medicine does within rural Newfoundland and Labrador as well as inform the participants of our programs such as MedQuest (registration for the 2021 virtual session is now open!) and the Healers of the Tomorrow’s Gathering.

Opportunities for Innovation
On Tuesday, June 8, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Paul Tucker, and myself attended an interesting session facilitated by the Bounce Laboratory with academics, administrators, innovators and others from Memorial’s Harlow Campus and the Anglia Ruskin University in Harlow, England. They described a variety of medical innovations that are happening in Harlow and there a number of potential collaborations to be made with our colleagues in England.
Physician Recruitment and Retention Retreat
On Wednesday, June 9, the Physician Recruitment and Retention Retreat was held with approximately 80 participants from various locations and organizations such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, provincial government, municipalities, recruiters, regional health  authorities, physicians, and the university.

Many thanks to Drs Vernon Curran and Scott Moffat who were the co-chairs of the planning committee and Ms. Gerona McGrath, project manager, for their hard work and commitment to this important retreat. A report will be written with key recommendations and will be submitted to Ms. Karen Stone, Deputy Minister of Health and Community Services.

For this month’s Professionalism Moment, I invited Mr. Gerald Asivak, Ordinary Member for Upper Lake Melville, and Minister of Health and Social Development, Nunatsiavut Government to share his thoughts on professionalism. 

 “I feel that being a professional is continuously learning and wanting to know more and do better then what is done now. As a registered social worker with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Social Workers, we must achieve Continuing Professional Education to maintain our license, to provide best care to our clients, families and communities that we take pride in working with and for. Like all professions we must listen to the people - you have to be grounded and understand the area you work in. Learn about the people, environment, history, culture and beliefs. Professionalism is taking pride in what you do, treating everyone with respect, educating yourself and others and being a role model for people. Professionalism is showing great character, holding yourself and others accountable, being a leader and working to improve areas that need improvement.”
~Mr. Gerald Asivak

 National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 21 was National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is an important day for the Indigenous people of Canada. This year has been a difficult one for the Indigenous communities nationally with the death of Joyce Echaquan in Quebec which highlighted the systemic racism that occurs in the health-care system and most recently the finding of the remains of 215 children in a Kamloops, B.C. residential school. It is incumbent upon all of us to understand more about the histories of the Indigenous people and to continue to do better to eliminate systemic racism against Indigenous people. The Faculty of Medicine continues to work diligently to implement the 10 recommendations of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Joint Commitment to Action and to address the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada’s recent report card indicating areas for our improvement in the Faculty of Medicine.

This will be my last dean’s note for the summer. I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe summer. I hope you are all able to find some time to relax and recharge so you will be fresh for the fall of 2021.

UPDATE: The July Professionalism Moment.

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