News at Medicine - June 2020 - Faculty of Medicine Statement June 9, 2020

Faculty of Medicine Statement June 9, 2020
June 9, 2020
Dear faculty, staff and learners,
In response to a recent media story about the Faculty of Medicine, I would like to share the following information with you.
The Faculty of Medicine is committed to an environment free of harassment, including racism; intimidation; discrimination; harassment and; sexual harassment.
To respect the privacy of students, faculty and staff at Memorial University, we do not comment on specific allegations or complaints in order to preserve procedural fairness to all concerned.  
The concerns raised have been noted and the appropriate leadership is taking action to address the concerns as guided by our university policies.
With respect to addressing racial bias/discrimination in the Faculty of Medicine learning environment the following policies apply:
The Faculty of Medicine Respectful Learning Environment in Medical Education Policy and Procedure is based on Memorial’s Respectful Workplace Policy and outlines the expectations, guidelines and processes that support a learning environment free from intimidation and harassment that can be invoked by undergraduate and postgraduate learners in the Faculty of Medicine.
Residents are also governed by the Professional Conduct Clause found in all Postgraduate Medical Education Assessment, Promotion, Dismissal and Appeal policies.  
We are confident that the relevant university policies provide a path for faculty, staff or learners with complaints of this nature to make a report, have that complaint properly addressed in accordance with procedural fairness and for those concerned to access the resources and supports they need.
Thank you,