News at Medicine - June 2020 - Faculty of Medicine Statement June 4, 2020

Faculty of Medicine Statement June 4, 2020
June 5, 2020
Dear faculty, staff and learners,
The racist incidents that have dominated the news and our social media feeds over the last week have been shocking. They have provoked an outpouring of sadness and despair around the world, including our province.
I recognize that racism still exists everywhere, even when it’s not seen by millions but only the person or persons who are the target. I recognize that what is happening right now affects marginalized populations even in our small corner of the world and that these incidents have shone a light on racism everywhere.
I do not have all the answers to the questions that have arisen from our faculty, staff and learners over the last week but I do know that as dean of your medical school, I am very committed to a learning and working environment free of racism, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment. I will continue to advocate that all members of the Faculty of Medicine community treat everyone with respect in order for the Faculty of Medicine to be a safe and nurturing learning environment.
As health care providers and medical professionals, we have an even greater obligation to ensure people are cared for with fairness and the utmost compassion. There is no excuse for anything but excellence when it comes to treating everyone with the same respect, no matter their race, gender or religion.
As a faculty, we pledge to prepare our learners to understand the determinants of health and health policy to advocate for patients and communities. I call on all faculty, staff and learners to stand up to racism and discrimination in your day to day lives; to be leaders in fairness and respect so that others may learn from our example.
We owe that to the communities and the people we serve.
Margaret Steele, MD, FRCPC, MEd, DFCPA, CCPE, FCAHS
Dean of Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry