News at Medicine - June 2015 - MUN Med Wellness Challenge

MUN Med Wellness Challenge
June 8, 2015
Becca Webster and Lizzy Andrews Wellness Representatives for the 2018 and 2017 classes organized a MUN Med Wellness Challenge for the pre-clerkship classes during the week of May 12 - May 19, 2015. The purpose of the Challenge was to remind students of the different aspects of wellness (social, physical, intellectual, occupational, emotional, and spiritual) and to encourage individuals to achieve their own sense of overall wellness. 
The week featured many different events, including a hike led by Justin Murphy, yoga led by clerk Lacey Corbett, a talk from Dr. Stephen Darcy, and a group potluck. The classes were split into teams and students were able to earn points for attending the events, engaging in other ‘well’ activities, and for good self-care behaviours.
The Wellness Challenge was a great success and Becca and Lizzy are hoping that it will continue and grow in years to come.

Congratulations to Erin Dwyer, the individual winner, and the winning team – all from the class of 2018! We hope that you enjoyed your Sobeys Gift Cards!