News at Medicine - July 2021 - Community Health shines at convocation

Community Health shines at convocation
July 22, 2021
Three graduates of community health and humanities programs received Memorial University School of Graduate Studies’ convocation medals at spring convocation.
The graduates received the University Medals for Excellence in Master’s course-based and thesis programs, and the Dr. Sharon Buehler Community Health and Humanities Convocation Award.  

Asia Holloway, Master of Public Health (Population and Public Health)

Convocation Award: University Medal for Excellence in a Master’s program (course-based program)
“I experienced a mixed bag of emotions upon notification that I received this award: surprise, excitement, confusion – I wasn’t even really sure what I had just been awarded! I was thrilled and honored.

I am beyond grateful to receive such an acknowledgement and overwhelmed with gratitude for the professors who nominated me for this award. Many thanks to my incredibly intelligent and insightful 2020-21 MPH pals, who taught me so much and broadened my perspective through every class discussion and group project. Thank you to my brilliant and patient professors who continue to inspire and mentor me. Finally, a huge shout out to my father, who should have an honorary Masters of Public Health, for the hours of conversation and brainstorming we shared.”

Emily Norton, Master of Science in Medicine (Community Health and Humanities)

Convocation Award:  University Medal for Excellence in a Master’s program (thesis program)  
Thesis:  A Case Study of The Contributions of Public Health Nurses to Infant Mental Health Promotion in Newfoundland And Labrador.
Supervisors:  Drs Martha Traverso-Yepez and Diana Gustafson
“A famous proverb says that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ I would argue it also takes a village to finish a graduate program. I am lucky to have such a strong community to guide me and to support me on all these years: my family, my partner, my friends, my supervisors, and my committee. As well as all the wonderful administrators at the Faculty of Medicine who were always there to point me in the right direction. Thank you so much to the Memorial community for an amazing journey.”

Dr. Peggy Rauman, Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (Community Health and Humanities)

Convocation Award:  The Dr. Sharon Buehler Community Health and Humanities Convocation Award.
Thesis: The Social Organization of Nursing Practice in the Hospital Setting and the Influence on the Development of Conflicting Working Relationships Between Registered Nurse Peers.
Supervisors: Drs Martha Traverso-Yepez and Shirley Solberg
“I am honored to be this year's recipient of the Dr. Sharon Buehler Community Health and Humanities Convocation Award. Thank you to the donor's whose recognition and support strongly promotes and encourages continuing excellence in social justice and community health and humanities research. The award will be used for the creation of a virtual poster that will be presented during the International Council of Nurses."