News at Medicine - January 2019 - Faculty recognized for her passion for medical education

Faculty recognized for her passion for medical education
January 4, 2019
Dr. Taryn Hearn has been awarded a Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) certificate of merit; an award that promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

Dr. Hearn is an associate professor of psychiatry with the Faculty of Medicine as well as a general psychiatrist at the Waterford Hospital, Eastern Health. She was also the faculty accreditation lead for undergraduate medical accreditation at Memorial, chaired the Interim Accreditation Review Committee and the Interim Accreditation Review, and is set to chair the Accreditation Oversight Committee at the faculty.
Dr. Hearn says she’s very passionate about training high quality physicians.

“I especially enjoy working at the undergraduate level to guide the early development of our trainees and with accreditation, I contribute to the continuous quality improvement of our medical school.”
The 2019 recipients from across the country will be recognized at the upcoming CAME Annual General Meeting on April 13, which is held in conjunction with the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) in Niagara Falls. 

The goal of CAME is to promote excellence and scholarship in all aspects of medical education by advocating for medical education and medical educators, by supporting faculty and educational development, and by encouraging research in medical education through networking and scientiļ¬c activities.