News at Medicine - February 2022 - Dean's Notes Feb.1, 2022

Dean's Notes Feb.1, 2022
February 1, 2022
Welcome back to our learners, faculty and those staff who are coming back to campus. It will be nice to see all of you back on campus. Please follow the public health guidelines including washing your hands regularly, wearing masks appropriate for your work and teaching spaces and not eating and drinking in lecture classrooms.

Research symposium

ResResSymp_DeansNotes.jpgOn Jan. 18, the Faculty of Medicine held the inaugural Medicine Resident Research Symposium. There were 11 resident presenters from numerous disciplines: obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, laboratory medicine, family medicine, oncology, psychiatry, and general surgery.

All of the presenters did an excellent presentation of their research. There were five prizes and the following individuals received an award:
-Dr. Karen Wong, obstetrics/gynecology;
-Dr. Matthew Benesch, general surgery;
-Dr. Kiran Mysore, anesthesia;
- Dr. Christopher Earle, psychiatry; and
-Dr. Peter Mu, medicine.
I would like to thank Ms. Amy Carroll, Ms. Jenna Ross,  and Ms. Janelle Skeard, from the Research and Graduate Studies office;  Ms. Jennifer Armstrong and Mr. Adam Siscoe, HSIMS; and Ms. Sherri Coombs, from the Office of Professional and Educational Development, for doing a great job organizing and supporting the day. I would also thank the judges Dr. Dolores McKeen, Dr. Michael Grant and Dr. Guanju Zhai. A special thanks to Dr. Reza Tabrizchi who has been working with the clinical research directors to conceptualize and develop the first Medicine Resident Research Symposium.

Provincial genetics

On Friday, Jan.  28 the Provincial Human Genomics and Genetics Interim Steering Committee held its      first meeting. As you may remember, in 2020 we held our first retreat followed by a survey and another retreat. Unfortunately snow storms, COVID-19 and other related challenges prevented the Interim Steering Committee from getting underway. The executive sponsors are Mr. David Diamond, President and Chief Executive Officer for Eastern Health and myself as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University. At the first meeting we discussed the proposed terms of reference and governance structure. Ms. Gerona McGrath has kindly agreed to be the project manager for this initiative. I will provide further updates as the initiative evolves.  

Memorial University’s Gazette

The Gazette is Memorial University's official news site, featuring news and events from all Memorial campuses. It regularly features stories about faculty, staff and learners from the Faculty of Medicine as well as highlights research and other interesting news. It is also possible to search for recent stories related to the Faculty of Medicine.

Event calendar

I want to share that we now have a calendar that is capable of hosting all Faculty of Medicine events! With such a large faculty with many staff, faculty and learners involved in many programs that often host and promote events, it can be challenging to keep track of what’s happening. Listings in this calendar may include academic events held at Memorial and hosted by an office/discipline/division/learner group or organization associated with the Faculty of Medicine.
On the Faculty of Medicine home page, you will see an Events link in the Quicklinks. When you go to the events page, you will be able to access the group calendar, the form to submit your event, as well as links to other event postings for the university. Once you have completed your form, you will need to email it to and it will be added to the group calendar.
When planning future events, please take a moment to review this calendar to see what else may be happening around that time to avoid potential scheduling conflicts
Again, I want to welcome back those of you who have returned to campus and I hope that everyone who is working, teaching and learning in other locations is well and in good health.
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