News at Medicine - February 2020 - Celebrating our residents

Celebrating our residents
February 14, 2020
From Feb. 10-14 we're celebrating our 270+ residents who are making a difference every day for the people and communities we serve. Happy Resident Awareness Week!

Dr. John Jeddore is a third year (AKA PGY3) neurology resident.

What are two things that make your residency program stand out?

"The first thing is the neurology staff; they are so knowledgeable and willing to pass that knowledge on to learners. Neurology demands a lot from the history and physical exam, and the staff here are masters at their craft. The second thing is how tight-knit we are with not only staff in the program, but all staff at the hospital. I can call any doctor on call and we can work through a problem as a team."


DR. KYLIE GOODYEAR, second year family medicine resident (AKA PGY2) in the Nunafam program 

What do you appreciate about being a Memorial University resident?

Memorial University is a wonderful place to learn. I did my undergraduate degree and medical school here and really enjoyed it because Newfoundland is home for me. The Family Medicine program is excellent as the staff are wonderful and very supportive. It is also incredibly diverse with training across rural Newfoundland, Labrador and Nunavut allowing me to develop a very broad scope of practice.

What do you like most about residency in Nunavut?

Definitely a toss-up between the people and getting to explore new communities. Where Nunavut is remote, we end up running a lot of medevacs around Baffin Island. The last time I flew in to pick up a patient they knew I was coming and had a box of freshly caught arctic char for me to take home with me on the medevac! The people here are absolutely amazing and I also have an incredible view of the northern lights from my backyard.

(Northern Lights photo submitted by Dr. Kylie Goodyear)

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