News at Medicine - December 2018 - Supporting learners with the gift of space

Supporting learners with the gift of space
December 5, 2018
Dr. Peter Collingwood (MD ’81) and his wife, Deborah Collingwood, have supported learners in the Faculty of Medicine for years. Now, there is a suite of rooms on the second floor in honour of these proud alumni.

The three rooms are called the Dr. Peter and Mrs. Deborah Collingwood Suite of Group Learning Rooms: The Collaborator Room (2M200), The Communicator Room (2M201) and The Scholar Room (2M209). They’re based on the CanMeds framework that identifies and describes the abilities physicians require to effectively meet the health care needs of the people they serve.

“By supporting medical students and research we are helping to provide a high standard of health care for the province, but personally I think it is also providing another way for us/me to individually mentor learners, which is very important,” said Dr. Collingwood. “I think it’s important for them to know that there’s someone supporting them and interested in how they do.”

Photo: Dr. Margaret Steele with Dr. and Mrs. Collingwood at the room namings on Nov. 13, 2018.
The couple also established, and remain very active with the recipients of, the Dr. Peter & Mrs. Deborah Collingwood Scholarship, awarded each year to a Newfoundland and Labrador student, who is entering their first year of the doctor of medicine (MD) program. The scholarship is renewable for four years. 
Born in St. John’s, Dr. Collingwood is a clinical professor at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as an interventional radiologist with the Diagnostic Imaging Program with Eastern Health. He’s also a proud alum of Memorial University (BSc. ‘79, MD‘81) as is Mrs. Collingwood who received a bachelor of science in biochemistry (nutrition) from Memorial. During his professional career, Dr. Collingwood continues to be involved with Memorial University and the Faculty of Medicine in many capacities including as co-chair of the Building a Healthy Tomorrow fundraising campaign by the faculty.
The Collingwood’s say they give because of the impact it has. “It has been very rewarding. It has helped us be more involved with the students and the medical school,” said Dr. Collingwood, who wants learners to have the same opportunities he had. “We had to make it a financial priority and chose to give rather than spend, so there was definitely a big sacrifice involved, but we felt that these gifts will be more lasting then if we had spent it on ourselves.” 
“We hope it will inspire others to do the same.”


Photos by Jennifer Armstrong, HSIMS