News at Medicine - December 2017 - Dr. Andrew Furey receives humanitarian award

Dr. Andrew Furey receives humanitarian award
December 6, 2017
Dr. Andrew Furey has received the 2017 Humanitarian Award from the Canadian Red Cross for Newfoundland and Labrador.
Dr. Furey is an associate professor of surgery (orthopaedics) and a Faculty of Medicine alum. He also founded Team Broken Earth, a volunteer task force created in the aftermath of the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
As president and CEO, he promotes the work of Team Broken Earth and its model of volunteer coordination and health care delivery in Haiti to businesses, community organizations, schools, medical and other conferences locally and across Canada. The organization anticipates soon being international in scale with its first potential team of volunteers from the USA.

During more than 20 visits to Haiti he has also engaged Haitian politicians, journalists and community leaders to promote awareness of Team Broken Earth, its objectives and philosophy including each time one of its missions leaves Haiti, conditions are better than when they arrived. The organization continues to improve health care capacity in Haiti including education and training of local medical professionals. In 2016 it also offered a clinic in St. John’s to provide free eye and ear exams to newly arrived Syrian refugees.

Dr. Furey also holds a Diploma in Organizational Leadership from the SAID School of Business at Oxford University and was among Atlantic Business magazine’s 50 Top Atlantic CEOs for 2015. Though based in St. John’s and with three chapters across the province, Team Broken Earth comprises more than 200 volunteer physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists across Canada.
Dr. Furey receive the award on Nov. 15 at the Canadian Red Cross Power of Humanity Awards Dinner.