News at Medicine - August 2020 - Dean's Notes: August 18, 2020

Dean's Notes: August 18, 2020
August 18, 2020
Hopefully all of you have taken a break from work this summer or you are planning to before Labour Day weekend. As the commercials for Newfoundland and Labrador indicate this is a perfect summer to StayHome. Newfoundland and Labrador is a beautiful province with much to see and do outdoors. With the heat of last week, several individuals swam in ponds and rivers and explored parts of the province they don’t typically visit.  
I had the opportunity to go with Michelle Osmond, communications advisor, to visit Grand Falls-Windsor (GFW). Mr. Stanley Singh, Director of the Exploits Centre for Information Technology Excellence (EXCITE) Corporation in the town of GFW, organized our visit. We met with several of our physicians, both family medicine and specialists, who educate our undergraduate and postgraduate learners on a regular basis. They are passionate about their community, their practices and the various experiences they offer to our learners. I am extremely grateful to the faculty members in our distributed sites as they provide unique rural and remote experiences for our learners. We also met with some of our current and past residents who talked about the many opportunities they have had and why they want to stay in Central Newfoundland.  
Spending time  with some of our current and past residents, Stan Singh and members of the GFW town council.

We then had the opportunity to see the expanded audiology and genetics research laboratory in the EXCITE Corporation building in GFW. The lab was developed by Dr. Terry Lynn Young and its’ day to day operations are run by Ms. Anne Griffin, an audiologist who works for Memorial. Anne is an extremely enthusiastic and experienced audiologist who has engaged high school students and other members of the community to educate individuals about hearing health. The laboratory researchers collaborate with the Canadian Center of Audiology at Western University in London, Ontario and they also collaborate with other programs internationally. Anne is eager to expand her teaching to include undergraduate medical students and residents.
Ms. Anne Griffin

We also met with Brian Tobin, Vice President at the College of North Atlantic to discuss possible collaborations; for example, in health simulation. We then met with the Mayor of GFW, Mr. Barry Manuel, Deputy Mayor Michael Browne, Councilor Mark Whiffen, Councilor Rod Bennett, and the Chief Administrative Officer, Darren Finn. In addition we met with Mr. Scott Simms, MP, Mr. Pleaman Forsey, MHA and Mr. Tom Kendell, Vice Chair of the Central Regional Health Authority. One of our recent family medicine graduates Dr. Desmond Whelan also joined the discussion.
The meeting was held to welcome: Memorial’s new President, Dr. Vianne Timmons; the Vice President of Grenfell Campus, Dr. Jeff Keschen; Vice President of the Marine Institute, Dr. Glenn Blackwood; and Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore, Dean, School of Science and Environment at Grenfell Campus.  This was an engaging and interactive meeting where we were able to discuss the education and research initiatives that the Faculty of Medicine is engaged in GFW.
I would also like to congratulate the following individuals:
Dr. Kim St. John, associate professor, discipline of psychiatry for winning the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada James H. Graham Award of Merit which is given annually to a person whose outstanding achievements reflect the aims and objectives of the organization;

Dr. Travis Pickett, memorial graduate 2020, for receiving the Chancellors Fry Family Foundation Leadership Award, Travis is currently in an otolaryngology residency at the University of Ottawa; and

Ms. Gaylene Russell McEvoy for receiving the graduate student Chancellor’s Award and the Fry Family Fellowship from Spring Convocation, Gaylene is currently in her PhD program under the supervision of Dr. Graham Fraser.

In addition, I would like to congratulate Dr. Andrew Furey, who will be sworn in as the 14th Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador on August 19, 2020. He will be the first physician and faculty member to become this province’s Premier.
We will welcome our new undergraduate and graduate learners in the coming weeks. Their orientation will be virtual this year. I would encourage faculty, staff and learners to reach out to incoming learners to make them feel welcome despite living in our new CoVID virtual learning and work experience.

Beginning in my September Dean’s notes I will start a new initiative called a Professionalism Moment.  This is an initiative recommended by the co-chairs Dr. Tanis Adey and Ms. Jacinta Reddigan to keep the key priority of the Culture of Excellence in the forefront of people’s mind as we continue to evolve our culture so that it is one free of free of bullying, intimidation, harassment and sexual harassment.