News at Medicine - April 2022 - National recognition for medical education leadership

National recognition for medical education leadership
April 7, 2022
Congratulations to Dr. Jane Barron, who was named a CAME Certificate of Merit recipient for 2022.

This award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education recognizes Canadian medical school faculty who are committed to medical education.

Dr. Barron is an associate professor and chair of the Discipline of Laboratory Medicine at Memorial University. Her commitment to medical education includes her teaching and supervision work in neuropathology and pathology to medical learners, residents, nursing students and pharmacy students. She participates in initiatives to introduce the discipline to high school students, and mentors undergraduate and graduate students and Memorial. 

Barron_Jane_20171027_0004-2-(1).jpg"I was delighted – I did a happy dance! It means quite a lot to me," Dr. Barron said of receiving the news of this recognition. "Being involved in medical education has always been important to me, and it is nice to be recognized."

Her interest in both medical education and pathology began during her graduate studies at Memorial, she said. Her supervisor, Dr. Tom Scott, was involved in medical education himself and encouraged her involvement in the histology teaching of first-year medical students. 

In her teaching work today, she works to impart the importance of pathology to medical learners and to encourage them to consider it as a rewearding potential career path -- one that involves both patient care and collaboration with other medical professionals. 

"I am elated when I see the students I have taught go on to have successful careers," Dr. Barron said. "Some have told me that they have modeled their rotations on how I taught them."

In her research work, Dr. Barron currently collaborates with Dr. Craig Moore's neuroimmunology lab, and with Drs. Cynthia Hawkins and Uri Tabori of the Hospital for Sick Children in investigating potential mutations clustering in brain tumours identified in Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition, she is a longtime member of the MUN Med Anatomical Pathology Residency program and a voting member of the Royal College Committee on Specialties, and is involved in the development of Competency By Design for the neuropathology specialty in Canada.

"I am currently reviewing the largest academic Laboratory Medicine program in Canada, and I hope to learn from that experience to move forward our own academic program," she said.