News at Medicine - April 2022 - A passion for medical education

A passion for medical education
April 7, 2022
Congratulations to Dr. Alain Bateman, who was named a CAME Rising Star Certificate of Excellence recipient for 2022.
This award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) recognizes learners with a demonstrated passion for medical education. 

Dr. Bateman is a post-graduate medical learner in the second year (PGY2) of his psychiatry residency at Memorial University, where he is involved in both education and research. He is the resident lead for the discipline's competency-based medical education implementation team (CBMEIT).

"We develop metrics and data views in an effort to allow for efficient and meaningful resident assessment on the CBME objectives put forth by the college," said Dr. Bateman, who also enjoys interviewing both psychiatry applicants through CaRMs and applicants to the MD program at McGill. In addition, he contributes as a member of committees including the critical appraisal committee and research committee in the discipline, the Canadian Psychiatric Association Members in Training Sub-Committee. He is also part of the Professional Association of Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador (PARNL).

Dr. Bateman's research is focused on automatic speech recognition in psychiatric interviews, and he recently completed a project evaluating the accuracy of these tools with Dr. Vernon Curran and Dr. Weldon Bonnell. 

"I'm excited about their potential to inform our practice, guide professional growth in psychiatrists, and even make objective some of the parameters of our patient's speech," he said of the tools. Some thought disorders, including schizophrenia, are diagnozed by observing patient speech, he said, and he hopes his research can help make these assessments more explicit and objective.

Dr. Bateman said his interest in medicine was initially inspired by the depiction of the work of physicians in Camus' Dr. Rieux. "I think of medicine as a straightforward path to being of use to my community while providing an unlimited opportunity for self-growth," Dr. Bateman said.