News at Medicine - April 2021 - Dean's Notes April 6, 2021

Dean's Notes April 6, 2021
April 6, 2021
I hope you were able to relax and recharge over the long weekend. We are now in the last three months of the academic year; hard to believe! Despite the pandemic, time seems to be going quickly.
It is a busy time of the year with final year undergraduate students doing their CaRMS interviews, final year residents doing their exams and undergraduate medical and graduate students preparing for exams and completing theses and other assignments. I wish all of you well in these important activities.
Panel: Women Leading the World Through the Pandemic
I had the honour of being invited by the Institute of Corporate Directors to represent Eastern Canada on a panel entitled “Women Leading the World Through the Pandemic: Governance Opportunities, Challenges and Impact” on March 29, 2021.
The two other panelists were Dr. Linda Maxwell, a head and neck/facial plastic surgeon in Toronto who is the Executive Director and founder of the Biomedical Zone, a hospital-embedded business incubator for emerging health technology companies, and Theresa Oswald, CEO Doctors Manitoba and previous Minister of Health in Manitoba.
Our panel was followed by a discussion with Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada. The final and key message delivered by Dr. Tam was the importance of vaccination. As physicians and health care leaders we should be providing accurate information on vaccination and encouraging individuals to obtain the vaccination.
Faculty Orientation
Faculty orientation was held on March 31, 2021. Many thanks to Dr. Steve Shorlin who organized and moderated the orientation session, Tracey Pittman, who assisted with the organization, as well as our presenters: Dr. Tanis Adey, Dr. Sohaib Al Asaaed, Dr. Vernon Curran, Dr. Ann Dorward, Dr. Melanie Seal, Dr. Rod Russell, and Mr. Paul Tucker. For those individuals who could not attend the session live, please contact Regina Edwards, Academic Affairs Coordinator at who will advise when the presentations are available.
I want to especially thank all new faculty who attended including part time faculty in Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island, MUNFA faculty, clinical full time faculty, and our new librarian. Please reach out to our new faculty and make them feel welcome.
Preparing for CCME
I also had to tape the opening plenary for the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) which is being hosted by the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial. Many thanks to Dr. Anne Drover, Chair of the Scientific Planning Committee, Dr. Vernon Curran, who is co-chairing the planning committee with Dr. Drover, the planning committee members, Virginia Middleton, and Richie Perez who has been doing the video work for the conference. CCME takes place between April 17 – 20 and if you have not already registered please do. It is the largest conference in Canada that brings together medical educators, learners, staff and faculty to discuss the key and emerging issues in medical education.
Virtual visits in Newfoundland and Labrador
Dr. Andrew Hunt, Assistant Dean, Distributed Medical Education (DME), Sandra Badcock, Coordinator of DME and myself started our virtual “Listening and Learning Tour” of communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is an opportunity for us to meet with faculty and staff and to thank them for their significant contributions to the Faculty of Medicine. We also want to learn what has been working well in their communities and what the Faculty of Medicine leadership can help them with to enhance their experience. We “toured” Bonavista and Port Bandford, Gambo, Botwood, Whitbourne and Placentia.
I want to thank all the individuals that we met who shared with us their involvement with our learners. Your passion and commitment for educating our learners to ultimately improve the health of the people and communities we serve was evident and is appreciated.
Undergraduate accreditation 2022
Accreditation of the undergraduate medical education program will take place in April 2022. Work by many has already started to prepare for the accreditation visit. Once a month Dr. Taryn Hearn, Faculty Undergraduate Accreditation Lead, and Brian Kerr, Accreditation Advisor, will be providing an accreditation moment which I will share in my Dean’s notes.
I am pleased to share with you the first of the series.
 Also, we are launching our new accreditation website where you can read more about the process. I encourage you to not only read the accreditation moments and visit the accreditation website but also spread the word, educating learners, staff and faculty about accreditation.
Professionalism moment
For this week’s Professionalism Moment, I invited Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi, Assistant Dean of Social Accountability, to share his thoughts on professionalism.

“The work of the Office of Social Accountability reflects the highest standards of professionalism. Our hallmarks include equity, diversity, justice, and authentic partnerships and community engagement. We also consider sustainability and service and research environments that foster responsive learning as pillars. We are committed to ensuring that social accountability is reflected within policies, procedures, and practices throughout the Faculty of Medicine. We hope to create an environment where learners, faculty, and staff are supported in being engaged and integrated into their communities.”    
- Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi

Vice Dean, Education and Faculty Affairs search
We have had two candidates Dr. Kara Laing, Memorial, and Dr. Dolores McKeen, Dalhousie, present their vision for the role of Vice Dean, Education and Faculty Affairs over the past two weeks. This week is our third candidate Dr. Mark Hanson, University of Toronto.
Please take time to review the presentations and send feedback to Jan at who will share this information with Dr. Brenda Wilson, chair of the search committee. If you have been unable to attend the presentations, please email Jan to receive a link to the presentations.
Wishing you a good few weeks.